Stoneware/Porcelain Glazes by Dawnmist Studio

Please note that NW251-272 are identical colours to NW151-172 but in semi-gloss finish.
  • A wide range of stoneware and porcelain glazes in powder form, for Cone 7-9 oxidation firing (Cone 8 nominal).

  • Example colour swatches are shown above. Each swatch shows the effects of both thin and thick application: the upper part of each is single-dipped while the lower part is double-dipped. Tiles imprinted with an S at the top corner are made of semi-porcelain; the others are demonstrated on a smooth white stoneware body. All glazes can be used on porcelain/semi-porcelain or ordinary stoneware, however NW100-108 are the best ones for coarser stonewares, whereas NW123-272 give the most perfect surface finish on smooth stoneware, semi-porcelain or porcelain.

  • NW100-108 Titanium Satin glazes: extra durable opaque surface with subtle colours and textures. Well suited to coarser stonewares as well as smooth types.

  • NW123-124 High Opacity Tin glazes. Excellent for on-glaze decoration and decals. Give an exceedingly fine surface finish on (semi-)porcelain.

  • NW125 Semi-Gloss Transparent. Developed especially for on-glaze decoration and decals, gives superb clarity, colour and surface smoothness. After Cone 8 firing, any desired on-glazes or decals are applied and then re-fired at typically 800 C, can be fast-fired. Also has excellent transparency, so works well with underglaze decoration. Gives an exceedingly fine surface finish on (semi-)porcelain, bright but without the harshness or 'glare' of extreme gloss finishes.

  • NW130-139 Satin glazes in a range of translucent colours. Ideal for use over white stoneware or porcelaneous bodies; NW130 Clear Satin is also ideal for use with underglaze decoration if a satiny, fractionally less "sharp", image is desired than with NW125.

  • NW150-172 Microcrystalline Matt glazes, giving a smooth, softly matt surface without any of the harshness or roughness of more common types of matt glaze. Available in a wide range of colours. Beautiful over smooth white bodies, ideal for (semi-)porcelain.

  • NW251-272 Semi-gloss glazes, in a range of colours identical to the NW151-172 range, but based upon the Semi-Gloss base glaze (NW125) so the finish is semi-gloss instead of matt. A superb range of glazes, all suitable for on-glaze decoration and fast firing. (Not illustrated)

Dawnmist Stoneware/Porcelain Glazes

User Instructions

  • These glazes are supplied in powdered form and are mixed with water in the usual way (manually or by electric mixer) followed by sieving. 60 or 80 mesh is suitable for most glazes, though we recommend 100 or 120 mesh for the microcrystalline matts. Any small amount of material remaining in the sieve after thorough brushing to propel the glaze through the mesh may be discarded.

  • It will usually be found that between 0.9--1.3 litres of water is required per kilo of dry glaze, depending upon the individual glaze and the desired consistency of slop glaze preferred --- which, of course, depends on your preferred method of application.

  • Some experimentation with application thickness may be advisable. Our displays of test tiles show the effects of both thin and thick application.

  • The microcrystalline matts perform best over a very smooth and preferably white clay body, and are especially suited to porcelain and semi-porcelain. Semi-porcelain (e.g. Potterycrafts P1230) gives a surface quality directly comparable to porcelain, but is much more workable than true porcelain, and is highly recommended.

  • All glazes in the NW100-NW299 series are lead-free and formulated to be safe for use on food vessels, however the responsibility for metal-release testing, if required, remains with the potter using the glaze since firing conditions are beyond our control.

  • The Matt and Semi-Gloss Lilac (NW167, NW267) need to be fired relatively fast; excessively slow firing will bleach the colour. Lilac is a colour that conventional wisdom says cannot be created at all at stoneware temperatures -- we've done it!

  • Appropriate health and safety measures should be followed, including wearing a mask while handling dry powder glaze.

Dawnmist Stoneware/Porcelain Glazes:
Health and Safety Data

Last Update: February 2011

The following statements are applicable as shown to these glazes:

1. Harmful by inhalation and if swallowed. Do not breathe dust.
2. Danger of cumulative effects by inhalation.
3. May cause sensitisation by repeated skin contact. Wear gloves, avoid skin contact.
4. Contains silica.
5. Contains cobalt compounds.

Glaze Applicable Statements
NW100 Satin Ivory Yellow 1, 2, 4
NW102 Satin Brown-Green 1, 2, 4
NW103 Satin Yellow-Brown 1, 2, 4
NW104 Satin Pale Blue-Green 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
NW105 Satin Deep Blue-Green 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
NW106 Satin Green-Grey 1, 2, 4
NW107 Sand Speckle 1, 2, 4
NW108 Woodland Speckle 1, 2, 4
NW123 Silky White 1, 2, 4
NW124 Clotted Cream 1, 2, 4
NW125 Semi-Gloss Transparent 1, 2, 4
NW130 Clear Satin 1, 2, 4
NW131 Satin Forest Green 1, 2, 4
NW132 Satin Cobalt Blue 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
NW133 Satin Rose Taupe 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
NW134 Satin Wheat 1, 2, 4
NW135 Satin Pale Oatmeal 1, 2, 4
NW136 Satin Speckled Oatmeal 1, 2, 4
NW137 Satin Fuchsia 1, 2, 4
NW138 Satin Intense Red 1, 2, 4
NW139 Satin Cherry 1, 2, 4
NW150 Matt Translucent 1, 2, 4
NW151 Matt Duck Egg Blue 1, 2, 4
NW152 Matt Pale Yellow 1, 2, 4
NW153 Matt Pale Green 1, 2, 4
NW154 Matt Red 1, 2, 4
NW155 Matt Purple 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
NW156 Matt Ivory Speckle 1, 2, 4
NW157 Matt Peach 1, 2, 4
NW158 Matt Black 1, 2, 4
NW159 Matt Dark Blue 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
NW160 Matt Gunmetal 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
NW161 Matt Tea Rose 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
NW162 Matt Dark Chocolate 1, 2, 4
NW163 Matt Sunshine 1, 2, 4
NW164 Matt Soft Orange 1, 2, 4
NW165 Matt Dark Green 1, 2, 4
NW166 Matt Tan Pink 1,2,4
NW167 Matt Lilac 1,2,4
NW168 Matt Forest Green 1,2,4
NW169 Matt Mid Grey 1,2,3,4,5
NW170 Matt Midnight Blue 1,2,3,4,5
NW171 Matt Red-brown 1,2,4
NW172 Matt Milk Chocolate 1,2,4
NW251 Semi-gloss Duck Egg Blue 1, 2, 4
NW252 Semi-gloss Pale Yellow 1, 2, 4
NW253 Semi-gloss Pale Green 1, 2, 4
NW254 Semi-gloss Red 1, 2, 4
NW255 Semi-gloss Purple 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
NW256 Semi-gloss Ivory Speckle 1, 2, 4
NW257 Semi-gloss Peach 1, 2, 4
NW258 Semi-gloss Black 1, 2, 4
NW259 Semi-gloss Dark Blue 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
NW260 Semi-gloss Gunmetal 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
NW261 Semi-gloss Tea Rose 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
NW262 Semi-gloss Dark Chocolate 1, 2, 4
NW263 Semi-gloss Sunshine 1, 2, 4
NW264 Semi-gloss Soft Orange 1, 2, 4
NW265 Semi-gloss Dark Green 1, 2, 4
NW266 Semi-gloss Tan Pink 1,2,4
NW267 Semi-Gloss Lilac 1,2,4
NW268 Semi-Gloss Forest Green 1,2,4
NW269 Semi-Gloss Mid Grey 1,2,3,4,5
NW270 Semi-Gloss Midnight Blue 1,2,3,4,5
NW271 Semi-Gloss Red-brown 1,2,4
NW272 Semi-Gloss Milk Chocolate 1,2,4

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