Supplies for Professional and Amateur Potters, Sculptors and Ceramicists

We are a Exeter-based art and design studio specialising in high-fired sculpted, thrown and cast ceramics, although we work in many other media as well.
We are proud to make our range of glazes available to other potters, via local UK retailers or by direct mail order from this website world-wide.
Although we are only a small studio, we have access to excellent scientific resources and the latest computerised analysis techniques, enabling us to offer outstanding products at very reasonable prices.

Crystal Glazes

These stunning unique crystal glazes are formed under controlled firing conditions. Every formation is different and the intricate crystal forms catch the light and captivate the imagination. Dawnmist Studio are proud to offer other artists the opportunity to carry out this beautiful work using our specially formulated glazes.

About Dawnmist Studio Crystal Glazes and how to use them

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See some examples of our work using our crystal glazes

Dawnmist Stoneware/Porcelain Glazes

A wide range of stoneware and porcelain glazes in powder form, for Cone 7--9 oxidation firing.

About Dawnmist Studio Stoneware glazes and How to Use Them

Prices for all our pottery glazes

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We are always looking for retailers who would be interested in selling our glazes in the UK or world-wide.
Please contact us for details of trade prices, sale-or-return agreements and so on.