This page is dedicated to my enjoyment of photography which is a hobby I have enjoyed since my teens. Going out for walks and exploring places is something I like to do and I always take a camera with me because as an artist I appreciate nature and like to capture those images and experiences and bring them home to enjoy and use in my art projects or to accompany my music.

In particular I like landscapes, seascapes, cliffs, tree's, sunset's, places that are old like standing stones and circles, castles, and caves. I also like the moon and stars too. Obviously I have taken many thousands of photographs so this page shares just a few of my favorites. There are plenty of others on my website on other pages too.

A few of my Favorite Photographs that I took over the years...

Bowerman's Nose - Dartmoor 2017

Spectacular Mid-Summer sunset at Kestor on Dartmoor, 2016

Nice view of the moon taken through our telescope in 2016

Garden flowers 2016

Shadows of Glastonbury Tor on landscape, 2016

Saxon Well, an ancient sacred/holy well in Widecombe on Dartmoor 2016

Small fungi on wall top in Totnes 2016

End of summer sunset on Bodmin Moor 2016

Saying goodbye to the summer in 2016 on Bodmin Moor

Sun rays and clouds over the river Tamar


Clouds at sunset on the river Tamar in Devon

Summer 2016, I caught this shooting star during the meteorite showers!

Scorhill stone circle on Dartmoor

Stars and Milky-way near Exeter. Taken using the newer camera.

Leech wells in Totnes, Devon. Ancient sacred wells

Natural rock basin on a granite Tor on Dartmoor

Ferns and yellow poppies on Dartmoor

Summer 2016 bee on purple plant

Spectacular Mid-Summer sunset at Kestor on Dartmoor, 2016

Bronze athame withdeer antler horn which I made

The moon taken through our telescope

Tree's and view from Raddon Hill near Crediton

Tree branches

The cats enjoying a summer afternoon on garden steps

Berry Pomeroy Castle 2016

Sunset Clouds

White Well near Teignmouth is a Holy well made in the 13th Century to supply water for the Bishop's Palace

Maeve with a large pumpkin

Bridge near Hexworthy on Dartmoor

The moon 2016 taken through our telescope

Field Daises in my wilder garden

Agate Fungus at Berry Pomeroy 2016

Tree against a sunset sky near Crediton

Old stone cross at Warren House Inn on Dartmoor

Sunset at Scorhill stone circle on Dartmoor

Maeve and Macha enjoying a warm summer afternoon on a warm step
Sadly they are no longer alive but this was one of my most favorite pictures of them.

Sunset with branches near Dartmouth

Fungi at Berry Pomeroy Castle, Autumn 2016

Macha when she was found after being lost for three months - a priceless look in her eyes

Heather and Dartmoor granite Tor

Bluebells and a white bluebell in a private woodland in Devon

Birds and a Dartmoor sunset

Old Dutch clay pipes

Fluffball having a summer afternoon nap

Heather looking for archaeological relics on farmland near Silverton

Snow and tree's and a red sunset near Cadbury Castle near Crediton, Devon

Cute kitty Macha on a garden chair

Dartmoor fields in snow near North Bovey

Saddle Tor on Dartmoor during a misty sunset

Common orchid and bluebells in a private Devon woodland

Bonfire sparks

Natural pond on top of a granite Tor on Dartmoor

Grey cloud textures

Sunrise in December over Exeter Cathedral

Berry Pomeroy Castle at night

Fluffball blending in to the garden

Exeter City centre in snow

Snow on fields and a winding hedgerow near Crediton, Devon

A crab spider that can change colour to match the flower it is on

Mid summer sunset on Dartmoor 2016

Masses of fungus on an old tree stump

Me during a local history archaeology dig

Snow on land near Bickleigh in Devon

Clothes and a Duvet which form arty looking ripples

Exeter City centre during snow

Frog in my garden pond

Tree branches that look like a wizard doing a fertility dance before a seated crocodile

Sunset on Dartmoor in the mist

An old tree stump that looks like a middle-ages king

Rainbow over Exeter

Clematis and ornaments in my garden

Bird in the tree top

Blue Bells and Stitchworts in a private wood in Devon

Blue bells and tree's near Haytor on Dartmoor

Aphids on a grass stalk

Dartmoor, an ancient hole weathered through a granite rock in a stream - legends abound

During 2016 I was able to take this image of Jupiter through a telescope. It is a bit blurred but not bad for my first ever phot of this planet.

Clouds in 2016 over Bere Alston, Devon

Dartmoor River Ripples 2017

Scorhill stone circle on Dartmoor

Exeter Cathedral and Spires in the Fog 2017

Clouds over Dartmoor - Feb 2017

Dartmoor Hills - Hound Tor, Haytor 2017

Dartmoor Hills and Shadows