Devon is a land riddled with history, legends, myths and true stories...

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On this part of our website I share with you just a few aspects of Devon that have inspired me.
There are lovely photographs taken through the seasons, Tales of Castles and Ghosts, Funny stories, Archaeology and more!

The amazingly varied landscape and its busy natural and historical past has been for centuries, and still is, the inspiration of artists, writers and scholars the world over.
Once the home of prehistoric animals and cave-dwellers it went on to become a land of Bronze Age and Iron Age settlement. The British tribes called the Dumnonii lived here on the far reaches of the Roman empire. Place names reflect the settlements and activity of Celtic Christians, the Saxons and also Danish invaders. Following the Norman conquest of England in 1066 great pieces of Saxon Devon were given over to be owned by powerful inheritors of the invading army who made it their home. Between this time and the early medieval period many historic castles and homes of England were seated in the Devon valleys and along the coasts. Kings and Queens, Barons, Bishops and Lords ruled the land while the villages and towns began to grow bigger and prosper. In the Tudor period mariners such as Drake, Hawkins and Raleigh set sail to the New World to establish the first English colonies there as well as plunder Spanish gold.

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