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Heather the Artist

I was born in Devonshire and live in the Exeter area where I am ever inspired in many ways by the beauty and historic value of this region. The hills, rivers, sea cliffs and the magic of Devon have given birth to most, if not all, of my interests over the years. My ancestors have lived in this area since at least the 1570's and I hope that my artwork and research will continue to contribute something to Devon for centuries to come.

I live with Natalie in our small cosy home with our family of cats. My main occupation is a ceramic artist specialising in the production of clay tobacco pipes which I supply to Movies and TV, Smokers and Collectors. I have even made special pieces for Johnny Depp, President Obama, the late Sir Terry Pratchett and other famous people! When I am not busy making the pipes I am usually dabbling around with my music composing with a bunch of synthesizers or out on Dartmoor enjoying the scenery of my ancestors and taking hundreds of photographs.

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Ceramics, Art, Archaeology, Creative Music, Devon History, Photographs and more.

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Natalie: Inventor and Witch

I was born in London and have lived in numerous parts of Britain and Western Europe, including several years spent travelling.

Deteriorating health and becoming disabled forced me to settle down and, for several years, stop working altogether; in 1997 I moved to Devon shortly after meeting Heather. Heather cared for me diligently during the years during which my health was at its worst, and although I'm still limited in what I can do, things are considerably better now than they were.

As well as being a scientist, I am also a Hereditary Witch (which, for anyone not familiar with such things, I do stress is what would be popularly called a white witch, using the Craft only for good (although in truth magic is neither balck nor white, it's how you use it that counts) -- the common image of the "evil old hag" doing terrible things to innocent people is nothing but a calumny introduced by early Christians who wanted to discredit the old ways). I am of Romani race (no prizes for guessing this from my looks!) and culture, speak Romani fluently, and my family has produced tache Romane chovahània (True Romani Witches) for generations -- and always retained the traditional beliefs, never having been made to convert to Christianity.

A whole new section of the website on the subject of Paganism and Witchcraft is under construction -- please visit it by clicking the link below, and come back and look at it regularly as I make progress on it!

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