Dawnmist Studio Amazing Maze Page

Take the Dawnmist Amazing Maze Challenge and enjoy the mazes I have created which are provided here for your enjoyment. Feel free to print them out and use them but please keep my copyright information and title with the drawings. If you need a larger copy then do write to me.


By the way, my Dawnmist Studio website is a maze in itself! If you have trouble finding your way around all the topics then we have provided a Dawnmist Site Map button at the top of the page. It could'nt be simpler... or could it? Giggle.

1. Dawnmist First Maze

This maze took me 9 hours to draw and I was pleased with the result since this was the first one I had ever done. I wanted to make it fairly difficult but satisfying so begin at the bottom left where it says "Start" and finish the maze where it says "End". Good Luck!

January 20th 2014.

2. Entombed in the Maze

This maze took me 6 hours to draw. You are an ancient Egyptian tomb builder trapped in the maze you have created. There is only one way to get out but many branches. Find your way from the entombed chamber to the free one. Good Luck!

January 23rd 2014.

3. Take the Cactus Maze Challenge!

While camping in a corner of the desert you caught your ankle on a poisonous cactus and only have 5 minutes to live! Now you need to get through the middle of this maze of other terrible prickles and reach the golden tree beyond which you know has special healing leaves. Can you find the right path and get through to save yourself? Only the sandy paths are safe.
Jan 2014

This maze was one I created on my tablet using the App called "Inner Garden". You can read all about Inner Garden which was created by brothers Petr and Pavel and available through Google Playstore. They also have a website too. To see many dozens of my Inner Garden creations just follow the link below to a special page I have on this website dedicated to it - plenty to see there.

  My Inner Garden creations Page - click here

4. The Secret of Mystery Labyrinth

The secret of Mystery Labyrinth is still not fully understood. Hidden beneath a huge mound of earth is a maze of rocky tunnels all carefully planned in ancient times - but what is the purpose but to confuse it would seem? There is no central chamber, no hidden treasure or burial, no alter to say you have arrived at your destination; just endless passages and dead ends. Perhaps the answer is that the confusion in itself is a way to find a way back out again!
Jan 2014

This is another simple maze I created using the App called Inner Garden.

5. William the Worm

Can you wiggle your way through the maze in the mud to get William the worm from his sleepy hole up to the grass?

February 8th 2014.

6. Heather's Tricky Maze

My "Tricky Maze" took an afternoon to do, I seem to be getting quicker at doing these now. Begins at the letter S in Heather's and ends at End.

Feb 9th 2014.

7. Heather's Alphabet Maze

My Alphabet Maze took a few hours to complete. This one has a few clues - you begin at the letter A near the cartoon of me and work your way through from A to Z! Sounds simple? But I also added a few extra letters to make it slightly harder. So see how you get on and enjoy!

Feb 11th 2014.