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This page lists some of the most up to date books and publications that can be found about this subject along with a few other popular out of print books that sometimes come up for sale second hand. My CD ROM "The Art & Archaeology of Clay Tobacco Pipes" available only from this website, lists dozens more important ones that are essential for research.

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This new book focuses on pipes from Fort Union Trading Post and is essential reading for all wishing to grasp a basic knowledge of the variety of finds applicable to most USA sites. Written by one of America's leading experts on clay pipes this work examines in detail European imports as well as USA manufactured pieces, unlocking important clue's to origins of finds that might be encountered in smaller groups across this continent.

Clay Tobacco Pipes by Eric G. Ayto. Shire Album 37. ISBN 0-7478-0248-3 (2002)

The Shire Album series of books are usually stocked by most well known book sellers and this one (first printed 1979) has now reached its third edition released in 2002 and is well worth having even if you have the original one. You can get copies of this easily through any online book seller or you can also buy it online at:
Eric manufactured clay pipes as a craft potter since 1972 and some of his pipes are featured on my CD ROM under the "recently made pipes" section.
This book is an ideal companion for anyone interested in the subject including children. It has lots of pictures and some diagrams.
A3 size with 32 pages
Origin and Development
European pipes and pipemakers
Dating pipes
Collecting pipes
Further reading
The Internet
Places to visit

Pollocks of Manchester: Three Generations of Clay Tobacco Pipemakers by S. Paul Jung Jr. 2003

British Archaeological Report Series 352 - The Archaeology of the Clay Tobacco Pipe XVII

This amazing volume was created following the recent retirement of Gordon Pollock from the family business of over 100 years. No serious researcher should be without this massive volume which is one inch thick! The sheer number of Pollock pipes that are found around the world in both archaeological contexts and modern tobacciana collections is astounding; a "complete work" that documents the company and it's pipes has been needed for years and this is it.
A4 size with 390 pages
Company History
The Manufacture of Pollock Pipes
Marketing and Merchandising
Pollock's Clay Pipe Factory and the Press
Other Clay Pipe Manufacturers in Manchester
Includes 86 figures

The Dynamics of Regionalism and Trade: Yorkshire Clay Tobacco Pipes c.1600-1800 by S.D. White 2004

British Archaeological Report Series 374 - The Archaeology of the Clay Tobacco Pipe XVIII

This BAR volume is a staggering one and a half inches thick and very heavy. It is the most detailed work ever done on any area of pre-1800 pipes in England and uses the most up to date methods of analysis used today. This research is the PhD of Susie White and is of very high standard containing 283 figures and 89 tables of pipe material; also plates, diagrams, charts and maps. A very valuable study work that is certain to be a cornerstone of publications to come.
A4 size with 567 pages
Regionalism and Trade
Existing Evidence for the Production of Clay Tobacco Pipes in Yorkshire
Summary of Data Collected
Clay Sources and Kilns Sites
Development of the Bowl Form in Yorkshire
Finishing Techniques and Stem Bore Analysis
Development and Range of Marks used by Yorkshire Makers
The Distribution of Yorkshire Clay TobacCO Pipes
Imported Products recorded in Yorkshire
Discussion of Findings and Proposals for Future Research
Appendices: List of Yorkshire Makers, Transcriptions of Selected Wills, Inventories and Other Documents relating to Yorkshire pipe makers
Collection Summaries

Historic Clay Tobacco Pipe Studies, Volume 1, edited by Byron Sudbury

A collection of proffesionally written articles on pipes found in America and Canada

Historic Clay Tobacco Pipe Studies, Volume 2, edited by Byron Sudbury

A collection of professionally written articles on pipes found in America and Canada
21 x 27cm size with 76 pages
The history of Nominy Plantation with emphasis on the clay tobacco pipes; by M.A.Pfeiffer
Clay tobacco pipes from five arachaeological sites in Nebraska; by M.A.Pfeiffer
W.White pipes from the Foote House dump, 10 AA 96; by M.A.Pfeiffer
Identification of diamond stamped elbow clay smoking pipes; by Don.E.Rist
Sally Michaels: A mid-nineteenth century North Carolina pipemaker; by Byron Sudbury
Clay tobacco pipes from the town of Lillooet, British Columbia; by M.A.Pfeiffer
Two New Jersey pipe molds; by Paul Jung
Clay pipes in an 1875 Wm. Demuth & Co. catalogue; by Byron Sudbury and M.A.Pfeiffer

Historic Clay Tobacco Pipe Studies, Volume 3, edited by Byron Sudbury

A collection of professionally written articles on pipes from America, New Zealand, Australia with information on European makers and a study of West country pipes from England.
21 x 27cm size with 136 pages
An illustrated 1895 catalogue of the Akron Smoking Pipe Co; by Byron Sudbury
New York City pipemakers; by Diane Dallal
A Tennessee tobacco pipe mold; by Samuel D. Smith
Two tobacco pipe molds from the collection of the Ohio Historical Society; by James L.Murphy
An early knobbed-bowl reed-stem pipe from Columbia, California; by Peter D.Schulz and Jeanette K.Schulz
An update on the status of pipe manufacturing sites at Point Pleasant, Ohio; by Byron Sudbury
Point Pleasant pipes from the Cypress Lake site, 3PU-192; by Dennis O.Smith
Tobacco pipe fragments from Schoenbrunn, Tuscarawas County, Ohio; by James L.Murphy
Clay pipes with Irish affiliations; L.T.Alexander
An Akron smoking pipe company shipping box; by Paul Jung
Tobacco pipes from the Arrowtown Chinese settlement, Central Otago, New Zealand ;by M.A.Pfeiffer
A ca. 1900 export catalogue of the Goedewaagen firm; by Don Duco
Geodewaagen pipes for sale in a Wally Frank Ltd catalogue; by Byron Sudbury
Pipemarks from the Gambier factory; by Don Duco
English West Country pipes of ca.1680-1730; D.R.Atkinson
Clay tobacco pipes exported from Scotland to Australia in the 19th century: Some preliminary observations; by R.Ian Jack


La Pipe En Terre by Maurice RAPHAEL, ISBN 2-909132-00-5 (1991)

This has to be the most comprehensive book on French Clay Pipes ever done and is essential to anyone needing to know about this important part of the industry. The french pipe makers were some of the most innovative and successful of all, creating the very best quality fancy pipes that could be imagined. They were world leaders and their work influenced the English market greatly in the late 19th and early 20th century especially.
This book, by the well known French researcher Maurice, covers in superb detail all of the great French firms and explores the lives of the founders and their creations with a fondness that matches no other book I have yet seen. It's pages are packed with historical pictures, diagrams of the factories, maker's marks and patent pipe inventions, copies from catalogues and poetry on the subject.

Approx A4 size with 285 pages
NOTE: This book is completely in French but the information is so well presented it is fairly easy to follow even if you do not have a good command of this language.

(given here in English)

The Clay Pipe
Origin of this Word
Of the Pipe
Origins of the Pipe
First-What Material
Preparation of the Clay
Making of Pipes
Finishing Off
Production and Use
Maker's Marks and Packaging
Delivery, Conditions of Sale
Sale Price
The European Beginning
Invasion of France
Great Master Pipe Makers
Pipe industry in Marsaille
The Bonnaud Factory
Dating Methods and Identification
Poetry about Pipes and Tobacco
Various Labels and Catalogues
Acknowledgements and Bibliography

La Pipe En Terre à Marseille
Deux cent soixante trois ans d'Industrie Pipière 1693-1956
by Maurice RAPHAEL, ISBN 2-9520850-0-5 (2003)

This is a major work that covers in great detail the famous Bonnaud business of Marseille, France. The book has superb presentation with dozens of glossy black & white and colour pictures. There are photographs of individual pipes as well as historical pictures of the family and the factory. Also included are all manner of literature associated with this firm and even pictures of the gold medals won.
Approx A4 size with 206 pages
NOTE: This book is completely in French but the information is so well presented it is fairly easy to follow even if you do not have a good command of this language.

CONTENTS (in English):
The Clay Pipe
The Bonnard family
Poetry about pipes and tobacco

The Intriguing Design of Tobacco Pipes by Benedict Goes (1993) ISBN 90-70849=19=4

This is a beautifully presented book and an ideal companion to anyone interested in smoking collectibles. It contains large colour plates on practically every page with text that explores each theme nicely. The world of clay pipes is well represented in a number of forms ranging from the simple long-stemmed pipes to the French figural works of art. Other important European types of pipe are also covered including Africa and China. More information from:
22 x 26cm size with 79 pages
Collecting Pipes
The Prehistory of Smoking
The Inherent Possibilities of Pipe Clay
The Long-stemmed Pipe, a Dutch Trademark
Tradition in the Nineteenth Century
France, The New Trend-setter
The Reflection of French Culture in Pipes
The Meuse Region and Westerwald area; Differing approaches England's Isolated Position
Beyond the Smoke...
Designers and Copycats
Porcelain, a Luxury Medium
Terra Incognita
The Delicate Elangance of the Levant
Touring Africa
From the Ivory Coast to Burma
Smoking à la Chinoise

Merken Van Goudse Pijpenmakers 1660-1940 by D.H.Duco (1982)

A pocket sized book in Dutch language that records the numerous pipemakers marks found on the base of Dutch pipes from Gouda. A history of how the marks came into being is explained with some plates. The majority of the book is devoted to the marks which are carefully drawn and information of the maker and date where known is given. This book is particularly useful to archaeologists. More information from:
NOTE: This book is completely in Dutch language. 17 x 12cm size with 128 pages

Goudse Kopstukken

Goudse Kopstukken is a photobook about thousands of clay pipes, found at the former factory grounds of the Goedewaagen clay pipe factory in Gouda. More information and to order your copy:

Firma P. Goedewaagen & Zoon by D.H.Duco (2000) ISBN 90-70849-09-7

The entire catalogue of this very famous Dutch firm is reproduced in this work. Historical information is given and the majority of the book covers the pipe catalogue with hundreds of designs. The pipes of this firm are often found in America where millions were exported in the early 20th century. This book is useful both for identification and also to show off the varied designs made. More information from:
NOTE: This book is completely in Dutch language.
22 x 28cm size with 127 pages

DE NEDERLANDSE KLEIPIJP, Handboek Voor Dateren en Determineren by D.H.Duco (1987) ISBN 90-70849-13-5

An essential handbook to dating and identifying Dutch pipes. This publication is a major work on the industry and variety of beautiful Dutch pipes that are common in archaeological excavations. Hundreds of typical period styles are impressively illustrated with information on makers and dates where known. A number of plates are also included. More information from:
NOTE: This book is completely in Dutch language with a small summary at the back in English. The information is so well presented it is fairly easy to follow even if you do not have a good command of the Dutch language.
17X25cm size with 159 pages

De Tabakspijp Als Oranjepropaganda by D.H. Duco (1992) ISBN 90-70849-16-X

A superbly presented book in the Dutch language that covers in great detail the Dutch clay pipe in relation to the Royal family of this county. Pipes from the beginning of the 17th century until the 20th century are covered including the most elaborate Dutch Armoural pipes. This is an important publication with great social historic value. There are many black & white plates. More information from:
NOTE: This book is completely in Dutch language.
21 X 25cm size with 144 pages

CD ROM - Des Pipes Du Barachois Ou L'Histoire d'une exposition by J.Gilbert with Identification by Maurice Raphael (1994)

A huge project with hundreds of images and superb drawings as well as information and a video. Clay pipes collected from the harbour at St-Pierre, Newfoundland. This CD is a valuable insight into the assortment of pipes that arrived here on ships from all over Europe as well as from Canada and America. Text in French

Clay Tobacco Pipes in Cambridgeshire by R.J.Flood. ISBN 0 902675 70 2 (1976)

This book contains many line drawings and a couple of pictures of dozens of pipes found by R.J Flood in and around the county of Cambridgeshire, England. There is a good listing of pipe makers also researched for this county included. I am not sure if this publication is still in print but it does come up for sale now and then second hand.
A3 size with 52 pages
A brief history of tobacco and its influence on pipes
Making Pipes
The changing shape of pipes
Maker's Marks
Decorated pipes
Dating pipes
The Makers
Collecting pipes

The Collector's Guide to Clay Tobacco Pipes - Vol 1. by G. Michael Russell. ISBN 1-57745-014-0 (1996)

A great resource on the subject by this USA researcher. This publication is packed with excellent illustrations and a number of plates. Lots of good information about clay pipes in general and plenty of variety in content. A good book for children as well as researchers. I am not sure if this publication is still in print but it does come up for sale now and then second hand.
approx A4 size with 80 pages
In persuit of a Collection
History of the Clay Tobacco Pipe
Reproductions and Copies
From Plain to Fancy
Dating Clay Tobacco Pipes
The Materials
Broekn Stems, Rough Edges
Displaying Your Collection
Illustrated Pipe Designs
Numerical pipe identification with brief descriptions

Clay Pipe Picture gallery by Heather Coleman

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CD ROM with over 7000 images of clay pipes. Available only from Dawnmist Studio.

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