Bickleigh Pottery Festival 2002

An event held within the Crediton Triangle

Here are some scenes from this annual event held at Bickleigh in Devon.

Pictured above... setting up at the beginning

The pottery festival is sited in grounds of what used to be Haughton Hare pottery supplies which is right next to the famous Bickleigh Castle on the road between Exeter and Tiverton.
The event is a two day festival where potters who are members of the West Country Potters Association come together to display and sell their fine work.
The event has many aspects, some of which are shown below... there is a main marquee packed with stalls, guest speakers who do lectures and demonstrations, outside stalls, various pottery firings including raku and pit, also brick and fibre kiln firings. There are children's events, spinning pots on a wheels, prize stalls and refreshments. A large Beer tent serves aaaaaaalchahh h holic drinks including beer and wines but I was surprised there was no local scrumpy cider for sale that year.

Dawnmist Studio

This was the Dawnmist Studio display for the event and included some crystal glazed vases as well as cats and other slipware, plus some hand thrown pots.

Some pictures of firings...

A Pit firing where the pots are fired at ground level in sawdust to create all kinds of smoke effects. A selection of mineral saturated solutions are provided and you can bring you own pots and join in this event.
The large stacked brick kiln nearby is an amazing sight to see and is fired with wood.

The potters supply shop run by Haunton Hare at the time of this festival always had a welcoming atmosphere and was well stocked. We always enjoyed our country afternoon rides up the valleys to Bickleigh and to arrive at Haughton Hare and buy materials from them. Those were good days.

The Main Marquee...

Just some of the splendid pottery displays within the main tent. There are potters from all over the South West here mingled with local visitors and holiday makers who followed the AA road signs placed in the Credion Triangle. The tent provides a pleasant atmosphere for all as well as a cover when that occasional shower of rain comes over (Typical English Summer weather!).

"a toast to all visiting the pottery festival"

The Beer tent where folk can seat themselves down on stacks of hay in real Devon country style. Most folk here were busy watching the World Cup Football event on the TV in the corner so I sneaked in and bought myself a glass of red and also white wine which were very nice indeed and very well priced too! I did have a few problems walking back across the lumpy grass to the tent and had to drink the wine as I went otherwise I would have spilt it but then I suffered some strange visual disturbances, please read on...

I passed a man having his arm bitten off by a three headed creature based on the theme from Harry Potter movies.
This is one of the main children's events at the show and a different sculpture is made each year. They certainly had a great time doing this one.

A small display of clay tobacco pipes which I took along to show. You might like to note that this picture was taken after two glasses of wine and after I had fallen off my chair and been helped up by one of my customers. Dizzy blonde!

I hope you enjoyed your viewing of this festival

Back at home in my own garden: Can you see the lady dancing in the flames?

Bickleigh Castle

And finally here's a picture of the famous Bickleigh Castle viewed across the moat. It's a fascinating place to visit with guided tours around the home which is still lived in. The whole place has a wonderful atmosphere as well as a room of armour and weapons, a private chapel and even bullet marks in the walls left by Oliver Cromwell when the castle was invaded during the English Civil War.

NOTE 2006: The Pottery supplies of Haughton Hare have since been sold on and are no longer located at Bickleigh.
The castle was in the process of being sold in 2003 so please check with the local tourist information centre to find out when it is open.

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