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My Music...

I sometimes compose music that comes to mind; often inspired by the scenery
and places where I live or by moods that carry me while playing.
Some pieces have been used on local Radio in past times as well as for
promotion of products.

  Explore my music here...


I have enjoyed taking photographs since my teens and mainly like landscapes,
scenery and nature. It is not unusual these days for me to take around 300-500
photo's when I am out and about on the moorlands one afternoon here in Devon.

  See a few of my favorite photographs here

Crystals and Minerals

Something that has appealed to me since I was a young child.
The textures, shapes and colours of mineals and crystals are
very appealing to someone with an artistic mind.

  See a few from my collection here

Fluffy Kitties...

I love cats and they are a big part of my life though it was only since the late 90's that
I have been living with them. They are great companions and are loving as well as very funny at times.

  Cat Photo Gallery

Want to Discover Devon?

If you want to know more about the land of Devon then who better to ask than someone
who has lived there all their life. I have traced some of my ancestors in the area back
to the 1580's and much of my artistic inspiration springs from exploring the unique
landscapes and historical themes of the area. A few selected topics are covered on the
pages here so click the link and explore Devon...

  Devonshire and Cornish Interest Studies

Clay Tobacco Pipes...

Clay pipes came into fashion in Europe in the late 16th century and are important in
dating archaeological sites. Decorated styles often have artistic charm and display
important aspects of social history. So, click the link here and learn about
something you may not know anything about.

  About Clay Pipes...

Heather's Cartoons and Pictures...

A small selection of various cartoons and drawings I sometimes do. I began doing
things like portraits and cartoons when I was about 10 years old though I
have never persued this on a professional level like some do.

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My Garden...

A few photos of my garden through the seasons and years. My garden is an
important place where I relax and do things when I am not out and about on
the moorlands or on the coast. It is space also shared with the cats too.

  Click here to see more about the Garden...

My Pottery and Sculpture...

I have been doing pottery since around 1998 and have tried many techniques.
There is nothing quite like shaping a piece of clay into something when
the inspirations are flowing.

  Some of my Creative Pottery and Art

That's Totally Fluffy...

The earliest land mammal on this planet was a creature like a shrew and it is thought
that we all evolved from them. With this in mind is it possible to tune into your
ancient shrew mindset?
Some humour about shrews - do not worry if you do not understand it, giggle.

  Mysteries of the Shrew Universe

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