Devon's Ancient Ways Page 3: Larger Maps showing Ridges, Valleys & Logical Crossways

This is a sub-page of my Devon Ancient Ways Project. On this page I include maps which show just the contours of Devon and on these I have plotted the easiest and seemingly logical routes around Devon which are as follows:
BLUE = Valley routes
GREEN = Ridge routes
ORANGE = Crossways (ways which logically join the former as well as criss-cross less hilly land)

The purpose of part of my study of Devon was to identify three basic ways of getting around the County. People would have travelled either up valleys, along ridges or on routes that joined these. Obviously this study will identify some basic principles, however, it will not necessarily match up to what actually existed throughout history. There would have been many other links as well as routes that were a combination of the three main types identified in the study on this page. The main idea of the maps shown here is to present a simplified framework based on the natural terrain of the landscape which can then be compared and merged with the other studies I have done which show actual routes. The combination should give a good overall picture.

I hope these will be useful in your own studies, all I ask is that you credit me when using this material in your work. I can provide larger maps if needed, just write to me to discuss.

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