On this web page I share with you some of the photographs I have taken in parts of Devon over the years. These are mainly scenic images taken during the seasons. I hope you will enjoy viewing.

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    Dartmoor Scenes...

    The magic and scale of Dartmoor's wilderness is something nobody forgets when they first see it whether looking up or looking down from on top!

    How cute... a newly born Dartmoor pony!
    Dartmoor ponies are often seen in groups and they wonder into the roads so remember to drive with "Moor Care" when visiting this part of Devon.

    Dartmoor ponies also come in other colours and patterns too. These were spotted (literally) near Chagford.

    The view towards Widecombe between the rocks of a Tor.

    A bluebell filled valley near Haytor, 2011.

    Beams of sunlight and an amber coloured stream bed where little black fish swim under a bridge near Chagford.

    Scenic snow covered fields on East Dartmoor. Taken from the higher hills of East Vitifer in the 1980's.

    Horses and coaches, cartwheels and barrels adorn the attractive Old Highwayman Inn, West of Dartmoor on the Tavistock Road at Sourton.

    Rounded outcrops of granite on the Moorlands are called "Tors" and if you check out the tourist maps for the region you will see they have been named after people, places, events and the shapes they suggest. The one pictured here overlooks Widecombe in the Moor. In the image below can you spot the real man?

    A colourful evening sunset combines with fog on the Moor to provide this stunning image taken near Haytor Rock in 2008.

    Likewise a similar view of a silhouetted Tor looks like a great Sphinx looking out over Devon here. The weather conditions are never predictable and sometimes it is just a case of being in the right place at the right time when taking photographs like these but they are well worth it!

    On the same evening I took this image of the birds as they circled the Tor in the breeze.

    A woman and child grace the rocks as the sun goes down while couples admire the view.

    Dawn mists and a mid-summer sunrise from Dartmoor. This is always a sight not to be missed if you are able to get out of bed early enough although you never know what the view will look like until you are actually there on the day.

    The fog on the Moor blotting out the Moon as it sets behind a hill.

    Okehampton Castle, 2013.

    Okehampton Castle, 2013.

    Okehampton Castle, 2013.

    Okehampton Castle, 2013.


    View looking south over Torbay from the hills of Paignton, 2010.

    Looking up to the tree tops in a Torbay wood.

    Compton Castle is a delightful place to visit with its old walls and rose gardens. You will find it tucked away in a quiet valley between Paignton and Totnes.

    Brixham. Berry Head's 200ft high cliffs as viewed from the south. This was used as a fortification from Prehistoric times and more recently in the Napoleonic Wars at the beginning of the 19th Century. Afterwards much of the headland was quarried away for limestone on the north side. The site is now a well visited nature park.

    Scenic sea cliffs near Cradle-Rock during a storm in 1985. The distant sea stack is approx 50ft high so you can see how big the waves were!

    The view from a beach inside one of the largest sea cliff caverns looking back up towards the daylight.

    Furious storm waves coming ashore at St.Mary's Bay in 1985 and adding to an already cold snowy scene.

    Brixham town and harbour taken from the top of All Saints church 1980's. This is not a view most people are familiar with and such heights are usually seagull heaven.

    Torbay seagulls in the sunset.

    "Trawlers and Chimney Pots". A view of Brixham harbour taken in the 1980's when more of the trawlers were brought into the inner piers to have work done on them.

    WWII Gun site overlooking the outer harbour at Brixham.


    Snow, Hills and Coast at Mansands. One of several hard to get to beaches and coves on the coast just east of Dartmouth.

    The lower ferry at Kingswear and the view towards Dartmouth Castle while crossing.
    The Pilgrim Fathers sailed from Dartmouth to the New World in 1620 although I doubt their mode of transport was one of these. Having said that this car ferry might have been more reliable as apparently they sprang a leak and had to return to Plymouth.
    History does repeat though...

    The wreck of a proper old sea galleon, Drake's ship The Golden Hind. This replica sailed from Brixham to Dartmouth for repairs in 1987 but on the way it too sprang a leak. It was rescued and for some time sat against the harbour wall in Dartmouth looking better than a scene from the more recent Pirates of the Caribbean movies! Sadly it was never used again but another replica was built. To see my video film of a visit to Dartmouth at the time of the wreck go to Youtube.

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    Part of the town showing the old buildings and one of the small castles nearby.

    The South Hams...

    View from Bantham in South Devon looking towards Bigbury Island 2014.

    Surf riders at Bantham June 2014.

    Views at Bantham June 2014.

    Slapton beach 2014.

    The view along Slapton beach looking south 2014.

    An old WWI tank rescued from the sea at Slapton village.

    Exeter to Exmouth...

    A view across Exeter looking towards Exmouth on a snow and sun filled day 2010

    The towers of the Cathedral in Exeter City during snow in 2010

    The remains of the old sandstone entrance to Exeter Castle behind the library in the City centre. Also on the wall here is a dedication to the last witches executed in England.

    The entrance to Exeter Cathedral showing the intricate stone carvings.

    The picturesque riverside walks and craft shops at Exeter Quay, 2010

    Views from the weir at Salmonpool Lane in Exeter, 2010

    An unusual view taken from Exminster looking towards Woodberry Common, 2010

    A fisherman walks the mud flats of the Exe Estuary with the town of Exmouth in the distance.

    A small fishing boat with tourists heads out past the tip of Dawlish Warren, 2010

    Other Devon Scenes...

    Bluebells in a private woodland in East Devon.

    An old Twisted Oak... a headless wizard does an ancient fertility dance before a seated crocodile.

    Traditional Oak trees growing in the meadows at Uplowman, a small village near Cullompton.

    Dramatic mud cliffs at Charmouth in Dorset, just beyond the Devon border.

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