Over 60 pictures I did back in 2013-2014

This page of my website is devoted to some of the gardens I created on my Android Tablet using the app called "Inner Garden". Being an artist I never like to waste time but prefer to do creative things so when I got my first tablet I spent a lot of time going through various Apps, mainly from Google Playstore, and found a few that I enjoyed. Inner Garden is one I found relaxing when I wanted to chill out from doing my own art. It is easy to use and there are no adverts either. The backing music is simple but really effective and you never get bored of it even though some of the garden projects can take hours to do.

The makers of Inner Garden for Android have their own website which is well worth a visit: http://www.dustflake.com/

You can read about brothers Petr and Pavel Mores there and learn about their App in more detail for yourself!
Obviously you can get the App from them, the initial portion is free with add-on collections for a small worthwhile fee.

Gardens and Landscapes I created using
"Inner Garden" App for Android

1. Crater Lake Garden

This was my first garden creation. I wanted a secluded feel with fairly wild rocky scenery and of circular shape. I arranged many rocks forming a sort of eroded meteor crater shape then added a crescent of water to one side. Within this framework I then began with a seating area to one side with paths leading to pockets of interest which include a stone circle, veg patch, flower gardens, boating lake with small beach and a bonfire camp area with log seats. July 2013

2. Place of Peace along the Olde Way

An ancient cobbled pathway, perhaps a Roman road, passes through the landscape where there is a sacred pool. Here stands a ruined place where graves of people long dead are tended by those who pass by. Among the ruins wild flowers have sprung up and there are places to sit and rest for weary travellers. Aug 2013

3. Beach Shack Retreat

A small holiday home sited where a stream meets the sea. This one has a cosy little shack with a private formalised garden as well as a couple of out-buildings for growing plants. The beach is right there by the garden gate giving access to several chill-out areas which include sand sculptures, bonfire, camping, and boating. The wooden jetty is for arrival by sea in a private boat. Aug 2013

4. Desert Oasis Retreat

A small retreat in the middle of a rugged desert landscape next to a small oasis. For this location I decided to use some walls to give the impression of security on one side while allowing access into the wild desert on the other. The modern well is sited on an ancient water source and just beyond the garden are ancient paving slabs that have partly eroded away, the modern courtyard complimenting the old. Aug 2013

5. Small Country Mansion

On this design I picked a small mansion house and added a lake, swimming pool and varied ornamental garden. Around this I wrapped a wild-flower meadow and an orchard. I did not want this garden to be too large but have a cosy feel with access all close to the house. In my gardens I always provide plenty of seating and chill-out zones for us and friends. Aug 2013

6. Wildlife Heritage Garden

The initial idea for this one was to have an ocean with a floating garden built on platforms but I got a bit side-tracked. What I actually ended up with was a formalised wildlife sanctuary at a place where fresh water meets the sea. There is a small shack where visitors come and sit and then from there a variety of walks among pools and colourful wild flower borders. Aug 2013

7. Ancient Pyramid Garden

Because of my love of archaeology I wanted to see if I could use the smaller stones in the App to form an ancient pyramid. This was quite demanding because each stone had to be inserted one by one which was very time consuming. Also because the App did not allow for giving a dimension of great height I wanted to see if this could be done using what was available. The result is rather pleasing and I particularly like the yellows and golds on the edge of the desert sand. Aug 2013

8. Larger Mansion and Gardens

A much larger mansion with a varied garden. Again I have included a lake which seems to be something I like. On this one I placed a small inner garden within the larger one as a place of retreat when the other areas become overwhelming to walk. The main walk to the lake is opposite the front mansion entrance and leads you down a parade to the seating area with a tea hut! On another walk the wavy shrub garden can be enjoyed or a visit to the ponds and green houses to see the indoor orchids. I found the addition of patches of small red flowers in the borders by the mansion doors particularly pleasing. Aug 2013

9. My First Mars Garden!

Taking the coloured sand idea from the Pyramid garden I composed a Martian planet surface with a marbled effect. Then from one point where soils allow new life springs my first garden plant on this strange world. I guess you could call it a Martian Creeping Spider Cactus? It grows by reaching out along the soil and coils around boulders. At the tips of the arms spherical seed pods roll forth to begin new plants. Aug 2013

10. A Mystic Meeting Place

Continuing my archaeology theme I created this ancient meeting place in a woodland clearing. There is a formal area where tribe leaders and people come and meet to celebrate, carry out rituals or discuss issues that concern the community. The surrounding landscape is fairly untouched and natural whereas this sacred site took a lot of effort by the people to build with its deep water-filled ditch and well kept inner sanctuary. The introduction of special paving slabs with touch-stones on the corners and sides adds a more mystical feel to this place. The trackway that passes by is well worn by many years of treading by people and animals. Aug 2013

11. Henge Mansion

Once again I have gone for living next to a stone henge. On this version I decided to use a long formal looking driveway leading to the house and a smaller rear garden leading into a woodland meadow. I also added more of an English countryside feel with a ploughed farm field and hedgerow. Aug 2013

12. While the Tide Was Out

A sea coast theme with ideas for a long day on the sand flats while the tide is out! I used combinations of rocks and shrubs to create a wild looking cliff-top with a seat to sit on when the tide comes in. On the beach I just kept adding ideas using as many of the app images as I could that would suit. Aug 2013

13. Small Shack Farm in the West.

On this creation I decided to make two versions of this small shack in a wild west farming scene. I kept the main forms of the picture the same but changed the climate to give a more dry desert on the second version. Aug 2013

14. Garden Amidst the Open Green's.

This I think is my most favorite design. I began with two forms of grass arranged in rows, some cutting across to other rows forming islands of green. Then I placed two rows of tall trees along two of the rows and smaller shrub trees along other rows. At the centre I placed a shack and a small narrow garden arranged in this slither of land between the open greens. Sept 2013

15. Hedgerows and the Harvest.

Moving away from garden themes I enjoyed dabbling with landscapes like in this piece I called "Hedgerows and the Harvest. In these fields I pictured crops being tended and gathered slowly using old methods rather than by large modern machines. Sept 2013

16. A Place on the Moor.

Another landscape scene based on the area where I live near Dartmoor in Devon, England. Here the weathered granite outcrops are called "tors" and the scattering of boulders around them "clitter". There are ruins of Neolithic and Bronze-Age settlements and round about in spring sweeping areas full of bluebells. Sept 2013

17. A Woodland Meeting Place.

A special garden within a natural setting with pink blossom and arranged floral borders. Perhaps a place where lovers or those to be wed will meet. Sept 2013

18. Forest Cottage.

A small forest worker's family cottage in a clearing next to a beautiful rocky river. There are logs being cut here and there between the wild flower meadows and a small paddock where the horse will have a nice big boulder for itching on. Sept 2013

19. Mansion on the Cliff Top - Merlyn's Cave.

In this scene I created a cliff on the seashore with ancient caves that have been embellished with boulders. These are said to be caves that Merlyn (King Arthur's Magician) lived in. One of the caves leads inside the cliff and comes up under the folly on the cliff-top edge. This is a small mansion with some nice gardens to explore and woodland paths. The real Merlyn's Cave is said to be not far from where I live in the south west of England. Sept 2013

20. A Small Tea Garden.

A small garden hidden somewhere in the countryside where you can sit and enjoy the many flowers and have a cup of tea from the small hut. Sept 2013

21. Quiet Cemetery

When I was yery young my mother used to tend and tidy many graves in a local cemetery and I would sometimes wonder off to explore, marvelling at the craftmanship that went into the stones and statues, as well as reading dedications inscribed on them. In this design I have tried to recreate some of the atmosphere of that place I once knew. Sept 2013

22. Heather Garden

Using the same theme as the previous scheme I have adapted this one into part of an extravagant state garden with carefully set out borders and walks. Sept 2013

23. Native Indian Medicine Garden

At the far end of an almost unknown canyon, in a desert painted with sands of all colours, is a very special garden where native Indians meet. Here the "Medicine Tribe" set up their wigwams and spend time together during the seasons gathering precious herbs used in healing, meditation and ceremony. From here they once more set out into the desert and beyond where the herbs are traded with other people. Sept 2013

24. Paradise Island

Paradise Island is a nice place to go when you want some peace and quiet! It is a small island with a rich variety of flora and fauna. In the very centre of the island is a natural pool where you can swim on days when you have given up trying to escape due to losing your direction or getting your anchor snagged on reefs. Sept 2013

25. Sandy Cove Hotel

Sandy Cove Hotel is the perfect place for a holiday. There are gardens, three swimming pools, crazy golf, woodland walks, a play area for children and of course sandy cove beach. Sept 2013

26. California Gold Rush

On a branch of White Water River high in the Californian foot hills is a beautiful scenic place with an old shack and a river full of gold nuggets the size of a hog's head. All I need to do is get to them.
On this piece I wanted to create the effect of waterfalls but since the app did not provide for this I decided to be inventive and used the posh white chair from the country mansion to try to create something that looked reasonable. I think it worked well. Oct 2013

27. Academy for Learning - Inner Garden style

This modern lively new academy set in the grounds of an old mansion house has all the best facilities for learning about Inner Garden as well as enjoying even more leisure. Oct. 2013

28. Garden on Sunflower Lane

A small tucked away garden retreat surrounded by narrow old English fields where crops off sunflowers are grown. Oct 2013

29. The Amazing Floating Gardens of Sky Mansion.

Creating a sense of three-dimension by using one of the app garden features to form green steps between layers of floating garden. Oct 2013

30. A Prayer in the Wildeness

One of several new designs I have done using the latest Inner Garden add-on package called 'Landmarks' which was for sale from October. Brothers Petr and Pavel have really put a lot of time into producing these most excellent drawings of landmarks from around the world, and the quality of this work really shines through in my new designs. You can buy the package directly through their website or from Google Playstore, and although this package costs a little more than most I highly recommend buying it as it adds so much more to your designs having these extra showpiece landmarks. Nov 2013

31. Nature Study and Conservation Centre

In this scene I have made use of the wooden walkways (from the Landmarks expansion pack) and set them up so that scientists can study the jungle tree-tops. The floor below is fairly shaded and full of exotic colourful plants. An area to the right has been cleared of tree's as an experiment to see how mother nature chooses to use this new canvas. The Scientists can study the changes to species in the two study areas. Nov 2013

32. Shipwreck Bay.

I grew up in an area of Devon in England with stunning coastal scenery. Here I have tried to capture the essence of a coastal outcrop where many a ship had been torn apart by rocks and the sea waves. I used one of the towers from the Landmark package to represent a light house. I also used wooden posts and seats and benches blended with boulders to create the look of smashed wooden ships on the rocks here. Nov 2013

33. Chinese Garden.

On this scheme I formed a valley with cliffs to the north and a river below which feeds water to small fields where crops are grown. The tower building is a place of medatation and the gardens are set up around this with ponds, streams and walkways amongst the colourful flowers, tree's and shrubs. Nov 2013

34. Walled garden with Towers and Moat.

These tall brick towers reminded me of Tudor period structures and so I incorprated several of them into an English country garden with a moat around it. Note that on the towers I have concealed the outer doors behind shaped tree's. Nov 2013

35. Lighthouse of an Arched Headland.

Another sea coast scene with a more modern looking lighthouse. Here access is along a small pathway and a delicate passing over the cliff arch cut by the sea waves far below. The lighthouse is partly a home and has a fire area outside as well as a bench and a flagpole too. Nov 2013

36. Shackville

Shackville is a small village of shacks clustered together in the wild forested hills. Nov 2013

37. Wall of Towers

The Wall of Towers is many days travel into the desert where scorched golden sand meets a lush oasis. Nov 2013

38. Camel Pass

The way to reach the Wall of Towers is a long journey, part of which goes through Camel Pass. This could be a maze of disillusion between the rocks but the wise path is marked with small boulders and now and then a tower to guide you. Nov 2013

39. Lost Cloister Gardens

This ancient Roman garden was once a courtyard surrounded by cloisters and later in time two Tudor towers were added and a moat. In the 19th Century a botanist placed exotic plants here including palm tree's. After it fell out of use it became lost but later found again and among the ivy-clad ruins is a new home. Dec 2013

40. A Festive Yule

My first piece using the new add-on package from Inner Garden called "Winter Garden". Petr and Pavel have really done well this time and have created a real show of snow with the new drawings! The snow scenery captures the essence of a winter wonderland and is very inspiring. Dec 2013

41. Village of Snow Sweepers!

When the winter is well established and the nights are dark and cold, the Snow Sweeper villagers come to life and gather by their town hall. Here the cheerleader's clap their snowey hands together and chant. An army stands ready, fit and willing to go out into the country lanes and the towns clearing the snow so that we can all get on with our lives. You never would have guessed all this was going on while you were sleeping would you?
This scene was created using the Inner Garden "Silent Night" package which was available over Christmas and New Year. Dec 2013

42. Small Beach Shack

The advantage of the new packages from Inner Garden have enabled me to use backgrounds and textures from the "Winter Garden" and "Silent Night" schemes in a way as to create the effects of a deep blue sea with foaming waves lapping on the beach. Dec 2013

43. A Coastal Scene with Choppy Sea

You can tell I grew up near the coast as I enjoy trying to capture the feel of the sea and breakng waves on the beach here. Once again I have used images from the Inner Garden winter packages: piles of snow form the waves as they crash on the beach with night-time piles of snow as shadows behind. Out in the choppy sea I used bands of snow with night-coloured ground to form the scene there. Dec 2013

44. Tropical Island after a Menacing Storm

The menacing face of the storm begins to pass and the sun once again shines on those tropical shores.
More textures and features from the snow scene packages used here to create the clouds and the jagged waves giving the feel that you are almost level with the horizon. The appearance of sea birds was something I stumbled on while overlapping the sky colour with darker night textures. Dec 2013

45. Global Warming

Hundreds of snowmen and their families in the Polar Regions have been forced to abandon their homes in recent months due to the affects of global warming. This shot was taken from an Inner Garden satellite as one family was seen heading for the boats, their arms flung in the air with despair at the situation. You can clearly see the very foundations of their home melting away around their icy feet. Dec 2013

46. At the end of the Glacier

A tranquil forested scene where the melting edge of a small glacier meets the Fyord. Dec 2013

47. Beneath Daffodil Hill

Beneath a hill where the daffodil's grow is a labyrinth of caves that few know about. Here the snow-people gather in a large chamber lit up by a Christmas tree where they sing songs and tell tales. Dec 2013

48. Creation

A long time ago, in the cold and dark celestial void of space, the Goddesses and Gods came together seated upon a cloud of asteroids and created a new world. Among thunderbolts, floating spheres, igloo galaxies and cactus nebula they composed a planet much like our own with cold icy poles, watery oceans and hot deserts. In the centre they made a great towering stairway and from the heaven's they came down and walked upon the land. Dec 2013

49. Sir Edgar's Mansion

The Edgar family mansion was built in the mid 18th century by Sir Edgar himself. It used to be a peaceful country estate with fine gardens, a proper old cider orchard (with a special breed of apples called "Edgar's") and a nearby deerpark among the woodlands. Sadly, while the estate house is still enjoyed by the family today one of Sir Edgar's descendants was a gambler and had to sell off part of the property in more recent times. New neighbours decided to turn their portion of the land into a coal, rock and timber storeyard, part of which was given over to the breeding of a great number of smelly pigs. On the edge of this they also allowed workmen to set up a small shantytown for carrying out other work nearby. Things are not quite what they once were on the Edgar Estate! Jan 2014

50. A Walk in the Snowey Wilderness

Once a week without fail Snowey Snowboots rows her small boat down to the end of the lake. Here she ties it to a rock and makes her favorite journey to the top of the small hill - what ever the weather or what ever the season. Here she reaches her arms up to the sky for a stretch, then breathes a happy sigh, before making the return journey back down again. Jan 2014

51. Neighbours at White Water Falls

A nice place in the wilder countryside for a shack or two by the lovely White Water Falls. Here you can sit by the river or venture across the stepping stones to the island in the middle where in the summer a nice BBQ is enjoyed. Jan 2014

52. Jurassic Garden

A great many thousand Inner Garden years ago, in a land now almost lost and forgotten, a very old and wise Tyrannosaurus Rex had its last meal before finally laying down on the edge of a swamp and passing away. Slowly his remains decayed and all around grew strange and wonderful new species of plants in this new Jurassic Inner Garden world. Jan 2014

53. The Shortcut

Louisa Patheway always takes the short-cut across the fields on her way to the farm to milk the cows. Jan 2014

54. Take the Cactus Maze Challenge!

While camping in a corner of the desert you caught your ankle on a poisonous cactus and only have 5 minutes to live! Now you need to get through the middle of this maze of other terrible prickles and reach the golden tree beyond which you know has special healing leaves. Can you find the right path and get through to save yourself? Only the sandy paths are safe.
Jan 2014

I have now set up another page on our maze of a website which is dedicated just to mazes - do take a look!

  Dawnmist Studio Maze Page - click here

55. Awesome Falls Retreat

Awesome Falls Retreat is only ever quiet in the middle of winter when the waterfall freezes. At all other times of the year you can be assured of a garden with a stunning view and an awesome sound.
Jan 2014

56. The Secret of Mystery Labyrinth

The secret of Mystery Labyrinth is still not fully understood. Hidden beneath a huge mound of earth is a maze of rocky tunnels all carefully planned in ancient times - but what is the purpose but to confuse it would seem? There is no central chamber, no hidden treasure or burial, no alter to say you have arrived at your destination; just endless passages and dead ends. Perhaps the answer is that the confusion in itself is a way to find a way back out again!
Jan 2014

57. Dreadlock Island

Dreadlock Island is to be found somewhere near the Caribbean and legend has it that the notorious pirate Captain Dread himself buried a lot of treasure there. No one ever seems to return from a visit looking for it - perhaps because it is a scarey enough looking place but also because the centre of the island is one humongous deep black slimey bog that sucks the life out of anyone who goes anywhere near it!
Jan 2014

58. Beach and Pier

Beach scene with a large old wooden pier.
Jan 2014

59. Manor House with Lake

Another Country Manor House with attractive gardens. Here I have used some new features in the updated Play-Garden App set with the tree-house and hanging bridges.
Feb 2014

60. Oasis of Tree's

An oasis on the edge of a desert with a small forest of tree's providing plenty of shade. Work is going on making new ditches to channel water. There are well established palm gardens and a layout of stones around the perimeter does not exclude visitors but makes them aware it is a place of tranquility and not to be suddenly intruded upon.
March 2014

61. Lake Mansion

Another small mansion with a varied garden combining tree-houses, a layout of wide shrub/flower borders around the lake with a walk and wild woodlands. There are also wide borders with red roses at the front of the house.
March 2014

62. Prehistoric Settlement

This was my first creation using the June 2014 new package from Inner Garden which is the Japanese Garden theme. Only thing was, for my first use of this amazingly varied pack, I was so very impressed with the grass colours and stone borders that I created a prehistoric settlement instead! Well done once again to Petr and Pavel as they have put a lot of effort into their Japanese Garden pack and wow, they even took on my suggestion of coming up with a wider variety of rocks, standing stones and boulders. They work so well for this theme.
June 2014

63. Japanese Garden - Visitor Water Park

My first full Japanese Garden creation using the new June 2014 package that Petr and Pavel have created. I have to say I was very pleased with the wide variety of backgrounds and clip-art provided with this pack and it is well worth having. With this pack added to the previous one's you can do so much more with Inner Garden than ever before!
I love the bright green grasses and the way those rock-borders form asif by magic at the touch of the screen. A nice coloured range of tree's and shrubs as well as plenty of rock shapes. Another lovely touch is the use of colours with the water which go nicely with the larger pebble design. The only thing I think it could do with are a few orange goldfish here and there as the water looks so realistic and inviting they would add a lovely touch. I can see I am going to be having lots of fun using the Japanese Garden pack! Thanks again Petr and Pavel for such a stunning range of artwork.
June 2014