This page is dedicated to my enjoyment of Crystals and minerals which I have collected since I was a child. Having an older brother who was a geologist and an uncle who was a lapidary worker back in the 70's was I guess what gave me the inspiration to go out into nature and see for myself what amazing creations there were. Obviously a lot of what I now have was bought in shops or shows or on the www but over the years I did collect a few myself from various places.

I love the colours and textures and they seem to have a certain magical feel about them too. It is amazing to learn about the geological forces and chemical reactions that took place in which they formed. Although the crystals follow patterns in nature no single piece is the same as another, they are all unique and beautiful in their own way.

PLEASE NOTE: Nothing in the images below is for sale but I do have a few minerals for sale in the Dawnmist Shop.

Heather's Crystals and Minerals...

Crystal Ball

I have collected several crystal balls over the years in both calcite and rock quartz which are lovely when the light catches them. Some of the calcite balls are really attractive as they reflect rainbows on the structures within.


Another of my favorite Vera Cruz crystals

Herkimer Diamonds

In 2001 I was fortunate enough to have a vacation in America and part of that time was spent digging for Herkimer diamonds at Treasure Mountain Mine in New York State. Herkimer Diamond's are quartz crystals that form in hollow pockets in the hard rock and the void I broke into had some large one's as well as hundreds of tiny one's.

Peacock Ore

Amazing colours in this Peacock Ore which is another name for a type of copper ore with colours like a peacock bird. This one from a quarry in Cornwall.


South American meteorite about 3/4 inch across


Sliced iron meteorite showing the crystal formations within.

Meteorite with Crystal filled Voids

A slice of meteorite which as an iron shell full of voids which are themselves filled with green crystal. This piece like most meteorites has to be kept dry because it will fall apart if moisture reaches it.

Display of Crystals and Minerals

A selection of some of my larger pieces which I like to display. Crystals look great in a case with mirrors behind as it makes them look so much brighter and brings out the colours.

Pyrite and Dolomite

Found on a beach in Devon after a cliff fall. This small void within a quartz vein has tiny pyrite crystals all covered in green specs as well as some nicely formed Dolomite too.


Allophane is a pale blue colour which glows under ultraviolet light.

Tin Ore

I was lucky enough to find this rare nugget of solid Tin Ore in the subsoil strata of a quarry at Ashburton in Devon many years ago. This is the kind of Tin ore that would have been found centuries ago in streams.

Red Gypsum

Found in the cliffs of north Devon where the sea weathers it from the rock. This is a type of rock which dissolves in water creating this exotic shape.

Raspberry Garnet

I particularly like the shape and colour of garnets and the way they often occur in clusters of differing sizes. This is a particularly nice colour and is from South America if I remember rightly.

Quartz and other Crystals

A few crystals we bought at the Rock n Gem Show in the UK in 2016.

Quartz Wand or Lazer Crystal

I like this particularly long crystal which originated I was told from Africa near Victoria Falls. It is also known as a "record keeper" because all along the faces are small lines which record how the crystal grew a bit like rings in a tree.

Bramberg Amethyst

This is a charming type of Amethyst that occurs in Africa, often a pale or smokey colour with whisps of deeper purple in the middle. The very top of this page shows several others of a rich deep colour.

Rock n Gem Show in 2016 in the UK

We usually attend this show just to see the amazing crystals and minerals on display and for sale and I occasionally buy something.

Minerals in Tray

Trays of assorted minerals from around the world. This is usually how I store examples I have collected which I occasionally look at.

Quartz with Iron Pyrite

Likely from Mexico although I have seen similar from Bulgaria. I bought this piece many years ago. I particularly enjoy this piece because of the tiny clusters of radiating quartz crystals, some are thinner than a human hair.

Kidney Ore

A large piece of Iron Ore which was likely mined in Cumbria in the UK. I bought this on e-bay some years ago. It is one form in which iron crystalizes which looks like a kidney and is a deep red colour.

Brazilian Amethyst

An average but beautiful piece I bought. This sort usually forms as a large geode (hollow nodule) which is broken open to reveal the crystals within.

Amygdaloidal Basalt

Collected from an old quarry near Exeter in Devon. This was once a liquid mud with volcanic gases bubbling though it. Later turned into solid rock and the bubbles filled with other minerals at a later date.


This piece I stumbled upon many years ago on an old spoil tip from a copper mine in Cornwall. It has a rich golden colour and is one of the main metal ores that copper is obtained from.

Vera Cruz Amethyst on Matrix

From Vera Cruz in Mexico. I particularly like this amethyst because it has a pale colour which gets darker closer to the tip.

Cast Bronze

A bronze casting into sand that I did in 2016 which went wrong but left a beautiful formation with colours.

Milky Quartz

Milky Quartz crystals insitu in a large boulder on Dartmoor. A plant has made its home in the void.


Natural Iron Ore crystals found in a footpath in Devon