Heather's Crystal Interests

On this page I share with you some of the crystals I enjoy collecting. Since I was a young child I have had a fascination with the natural colours, textures and shapes of crystals and other minerals. Over the years I have collected some and bought others. These days I am more interested in the aesthetical looking pieces that I feel a connection with - crystals that I feel appeal to me because of their appearance and energy. I still have an interest in the forces of nature that formed them too.


Hematite - Iron Ore

Small pieces of hematite kidney ore I collected when I was a child from a local footpath.

Natural Quartz

Sometimes it is nice to see natural crystals while out in the local hills of Devon taking a walk. These are a home for some tiny plants.

Cast Bronze

I have included this image because I love the effects which happened when I made some bronze out of some old Cornish tin mixed with purchased copper pellets. The casting of the blade for an athame worked on the second attempt.

Veracruz Amethyst

Veracruz Amethyst is one of my personal favorites. This comes from Mexico and has some nice pale crystals on the matrix it formed on.

Copper Pyrite

I found this long ago on an old copper mine spoil tip in Cornwall. The rock looked really dull but was very heavy so I broke it open to reveal the gold coloured ore.


From an old quarry in hills not far from Exeter. This formed millions of years ago when the region was full of volcanic activity - gas bubbles escaping through thick mud eventually solidified and later the cavities became filled with crystals. The proper name for it is amygdaloidal basalt.


A nice shop bought chunk of an amethyst geode. Likely from South America where many come from. I love the really deep colour on this one.

Hematite Kidney Ore

A form of natural iron ore which looks a bit like a kidney. I picked this one up on e-bay. Originally mined in Cumbria in the UK.

Iron Pyrite with Quartz Crystals

I spotted this for sale in a gift shop back in the 90's. Love the amazing formation of crystals arrayed on the pyrite, some are really tiny as thin as a human hair.

Storage Box of Minerals

For my main collection I store many in card trays like this. It makes them easier to look at and each has a label with the name and other information which is also on a database. It can be too easy to get muddled up with some minerals so this system works well.

Display Case

Some pieces are stored in a dust-free cabinet which makes them easier to enjoy. These look very colourful and have a variety of textures and shapes.

Display Case

More of the display cabinet.

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