Eostra Ritual

Cast circle as usual. On the altar is a large, unlit candle, spring flowers, plus bread and wine (or substitutes) for communion.

Tonight we celebrate Eostra, the Spring Equinox, the festival of new life. From now on, the days are longer than the nights, so tonight marks the passing of the final vestiges of the winter and the beginning of the world's passage into summer.

The winter's darkness and cold are long gone; the Goddess as the Spring Maiden and the young God bring new order to all that lives by the power of their union. The gift of the Sun God in His growing might is the warming of the lengthening days, and the Goddess smiles upon the Earth in Her love. Wherever she walks, spring flowers bloom in great profusion; the birds and beasts bring forth their young; the trees are in leaf and the spring crops are growing in the fields. As life burgeons all around us, so too can we draw inspiration and strength for our spiritual growth.

The Sun God growing in his might
Brings the waxing of the light,
And strewing life from either hand
The Goddess dances through the land.
Flowers bloom, the season turns,
The sunlight ever brighter burns.
By fields of green and skies of blue,
May we to our Path hold true,
Our spirits warm in Spring's caress
In love and wisdom to progress.

Join hands and circle deosil round the Centre quarter, chanting:

All: From the sky and from the ground, new life bursting all around.

Priestess earths the energy raised into the unlit candle, then lights it: I light this candle to the Sun.

Priestess holds flowers above the altar, saying:
May the blessings of the Goddess of Spring be upon these flowers, the fresh bloom of new life.

Priestess lays some flowers at each quarter in turn, making the following invocations at each quarter; All respond, So mote it be.

East: By the Power of Air, may there be a new awareness of the Earth and of the Goddess. May humankind learn to respect Nature and to live in harmony with the world.

South: By the Power of Fire, may joy and happiness blossom, in love, in song and in the beauty of Nature.

West: By the Power of Water, may vision and wisdom blossom all across the Earth. May humankind learn to curb its immature and destructive impulses and seek the path of wisdom.

North: By the Power of Earth, may all the world blossom in peace and justice. May evil and tyranny be defeated and wise counsel prevail.

Centre: By the Power of Spirit, may all beyond the Veil be honoured and remembered. May humankind develop a new awareness and respect for all that is spiritual.

A few minutes' silence for trance and meditation; concentrate on the five invocations just performed, plus any personal additions to them...

Priestess holds up communion bread and wine, saying,

By this communion we celebrate the blossoming of Springtime,
The joyful union of the Maiden Goddess and the young God.
May we too be filled with new life and vitality,
New love and new inspiration.

Priestess gives communion to co-celebrants and takes communion herself.

Priestess holds up wine, and makes the traditional toast:

To the Old Ones: Merry meet and merry part, and merry meet again.

A few moments silence for meditation if desired, then dispel circle as usual.

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