Calling all Reenactors, Smokers and Collectors of Dawnmist Pipes - Past and Present!

This is a special page for all who have enjoyed my creations over the years.
I began making clay pipes as Dawnmist Studio in 1998 and obviously a lot of
creations have been bought since then, some for Movies and TV documentaries, as well as private customers.
Not all will be shown here but I hope you will enjoy and share in this celebration of images.
If you would like to be included here in the "Dawnmist Hall of Fame" then do please send me a picture!

1. You - the people shown, have bought my pipes or gifted them to another, or I have gifted to you
2. You do not need to be famous to have your picture included, and it is free
3. Do send me more than one picture if you wish - I will pick the one I like most (I might choose to crop the image)
4. Please ensure if possible the pictures are reasonably in focus although I can edit some images if not

A Big Thank You to all who have contributed!

Tulip Fever, a film set in 17th century Holland in which my pipes are seen including actors
Judy Dench and Tom Hollander.

Those who have been watching the remake of the famous Poldark TV series might have noticed
some of my pipes in various scenes.
I also made a special pipe for Aiden Turner who plays Captain Poldark in the series as a personal gift although in the remake they have not had him smoking.

My pipes in use in the TV series Taboo, 2017

Some of my pipes appear in the 2016 ITV series Jericho.

In February 2016 I was interviewed for a feature for BBC Spotlight TV. Filming took place at my studio and
also at the City museum here in Exeter, UK, where I had a large display of my clay pipes for several months.

In June 2014 I was asked to make a pipe for Johnny Depp by a friend of his so while I had the chance I made two for him.
I would consider this one the big highlights in my career as an artist specialising in clay pipes!
I used a typical 1700 style shape for the bowl of the pipe and added into the design a Skull and Crossbones on
one side and the Sparrow design that he likes on the other side. I did one in white clay and one in black.
Would love to have got a picture of him with the pipe but it would be a rare thing to receive.
Some might be interested to know that in the first
POTC film the tatoo on Jack Sparrow's arm faces the other way to the actual tatoo Johnny has on his arm.

Crew of the Scavenger relaxing with Dawnmist pipes before heading out to take another prize. USA 2022.

Drew reenacting Native America Algonkian ancestry, USA 2021.

Thanks to Mark and friends for this photo taken on the coast of Maine, USA 2021.

Francis enjoying two of my designs: Ghost pipe and Nosey pipe. 2019

Alex in Canada lighting up one of the 1666 plague pipes. 2020

Niklas in Sweden enjoying one of my short Dutch style pipes. 2019

2017 Johan in Sweden does a lot of reenactments

This video called Making Coffee is really fun to watch!

J E Beneyto 2019 with a curved English 1700 style tavern pipe

Patrick portraying a member of the Brunswick Prince Friedrich Regiment as they garrisoned Fort Ticonderoga 2017

Pete with one of my Forest Deer pipes 2017

Anne Nunn - as the Beggar, in Runnymede Drama Group's production of 'The Beggar's Opera'
at the Rhoda McGaw Theatre, Woking, Surrey, November 2016

David in Michigan has a custom Gryffon pipe I made for him - something to really show off!

Dick Whittington and His Cat, William Shakespeare, Henry VIII. Pipes by Heather Coleman
These are one-off portrait pipes I did based on images seen in books.

The Worshipful Company of Tobacco Pipe Makers and Tobacco Blenders took part
in the Lord Mayor's Show in London on 8th Nov 2014 and were kind enough to supply
me with this picture. I was asked to supply the clay pipes for them to use for this
event which are long pipesthat I designed based on London styles of the 1700 period.
You can read more about this Company on their website at - they have a long history of tradition in London going back to 1616.

A one-off pipe made by Heather for incorporation into this artwork by David

More amazing artwork at

Dawnmist clay pipes in a 2011 performance of Pride and Prejudice produced by LAMDA, London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art

Paul and friend in England at Tanfield Railway

Kenneth sent me a picture of this amazing dancing frog smoking one of my pipes!

Oderlesseye the famous pirate reenactor from the USA with a Dawnmist pipe pinned to his hat.
You can find him on Youtube and see his movie there as well -Treachery and a Dead Man's Promise

Joaquim in Catalonia reenacts the War of the Spanish Succession with one of my pipes.

Marc in Catalonia reenacts the War of the Spanish Succession with one of my pipes pinned to his hat.
Image with kind permission.

Xavier in the uniform of Line Infrantry Regiment of the Deputation of the General, Royal Army of the Principality of Catalonia, during the War of Spanish Succession.
Image with kind permission.

Adrian with one of the Olde Fisherman clay pipes which was a new design I made in 2017

Thanks to Ashley in San Fransico for her picture with one of my 17th Century style Black pipes.

Daniel in Brazil

Keith in Ayrshire enjoying one of my Adventurer pipes while out on an adventure in the hills.

Bill in Montana with one of my Black Cutty pipes. Thanks Bill.

Joshua on kaua'i. Looks like a great place to enjoy one of my Upright pipes

Muggs in France enjoying a custom ship & anchor pipe I made for him. Thanks Peter.

Antonio in Italy has chosen to portray himself in the style of fine statuary with one of my 1700 style pipes!

Thanks to Gunpowder Gertie and her host of friends for these super pictures!
Note the rat in the picture also wearing a pirate hat - perhaps the rat should have a pipe too.

The 'Cerdic Blackheart' makes port in Brixham in England where he will entertain you with his music and fine theatre!
Here he shows off his custom skull pipe and spine-chiller tobacco tamper I made for him. Another special custom pipe I
made for him was the Musketeer portrait which is also shown here.

Another pipe I made for him is shown here being used in his roll as 'Bob Elliot',
the well known Brixham Smuggler often called 'Resurrection Bob'.

And other pipes I made for him in the shape of a skulls.

Den Glade Galte tavern reenactors in Norway with Dawnmist pipes. Images courtesy of Bjorn with thanks

Johan and Frida in Sweden reenacting the militia rangers Foot dragoons

Doug and his Wife enjoying Christmas with one of my Nelson at Trafalgar clay pipe

Lorenzo in California enjoys Dawnmist clay pipes.

Bryan in Virginia next to an old mid 18th century store built with Scottish tobacco money.

Gee in England enjoying my pipes while cruising the canals in his narrow-boat.

Steve using my pipes at the Frontier Culture Museum at Staunton, Virginia. Also playing a Doc.

Paul in Chicago enjoys one of my Upright pipes. Thanks for the pic Paul

Barry in America demonstrates the lighting of one of my 1718 Blackbeard clay pipes using metal tongs and an ember.

Jon in the USA with a Dawnmist Wizard Pipe - March 2012

Since I began making clay pipes some have been supplied for TV and the Movies
although film makers being what they are do not always use them in the final show!
However, you might like to know that my pipes have been supplied, and "have" or
"may have" appeared, in the following productions, to name a few:

TV DOCUMENTARY: O Fôn i Virginia: Goronwy Owen. A Teleg production for S4C.
TV SERIES: The Colony - filmed at Plimoth Plantation, Massachusetts, USA
TV DOCUMENTARY: Seven Ages of Britain by David Dimbleby (pipes did not appear in final cut)
Unknown Movie for Warrior Films
TV SERIES: The Great British Story - filmed in South Africa
TV Documentary/Film: Real Pirates of the Caribbean
2012 MOVIE: James Bond - Skyfall (was invited to supply for a "down and out casino scene" but did not go ahead)
2012 MOVIE: Les Miserables
2013 MOVIE: A Little Chaos (No pipes seen in final film!)
2013 MOVIE: The Invisible Woman - DNA Films
2014 MOVIE: Far from the Madding Crowd - DNA Films
2014-2015 TV SERIES 1: Poldark remake, Mammouth Films
2014-2015 TV Documentary/Film Son's of Liberty
2014-2015 MOVIE: Tulip Fever, Tulip Fever Films due out 2017
2014-2015 TV series: Knifeman
2014 Scottish supernatural web series Caledonia
2015 ITV TV series Jericho
2015-2016 TV SERIES 2: Poldark remake, Mammouth Films
2015 Royal National Theatre
2015 Taboo Productions Ltd for BBC1 Taboo series 2016-2017
2015 Old Red Lion theatre - Asking Rembrandt
2015 Globe Theatre, London
2015-2016 UK TV Comedy Show: Drunk History’s
2016 West Yorkshire Playhouse Theatre production Great Expectations
2016-2017 TV SERIES 3: Poldark remake, Mammouth Films
2016-2017 Jamestown TV Series Sky 1
2016 TV Series: Queen Victoria
2017 TV Series: Gunpower
2017 TV/FILM The Miniaturist - based on the novel
2017 The Frankenstein Chronicles Season 2
2017-2018 MOVIE: Favorite, Warner Bros
2017-2018 TV Series 2: Queen Victoria, Mammouth Films
2017 The National Theatre, London
2018 Outlander Series 4.

Doug at the reenactment of Waterloo, 2015 with my Napoleonic Ribs pipe

Paul and his son John reenacting Waterloo in 2015 using my Napoleonic Ribs design.

Capt. Beau in USA with one of my Martime theme clay pipes 2017

Paul in England with one of my Traditional Dutch style pipes

Reenactor with one of my Black Cutty pipes at Heron Corn Mill, Cumbria, UK

Tad in Texas enjoys his Dawnmist pipe any day of the week - Dec. 2012 When he is not smoking my pipes he wrestles alligators at a refuge!

Rick in England enjoys his favorite pipe I made for him - a custom made Tudor

Steve in America is a great musician and appreciates one of my cutty pipes while playing his guitarrrr.
You can check out his music at:

With a Dawnmist clay pipe

Brad in England knew just the right place to get this picture taken with one of my Forest Deer pipes which is
decorated with an oak tree, an acorn and a deer.

Martin in Scotland proudly poses with one of my Adventurer pipes.

Jim in the USA risked life and limbs for this shot with a Dawnmist 17th Century Mariner pipe - 2010
(Good job Filo was taking a nap!)

Jim in England with one of my earlier 18th Century style pipes

Statue with encapsulated Dawnmist clay pipe at an English Manor house

Chris in England reenacting the 17th century and story-telling around the fire

Owen enjoys one of my Admiral style pipes at a 2012 gathering in England which included dragons, elves and hobbits.

Dutch Still Life with Oysters
James is an American Realist Painter and has incorporated some of my pipes into his superb art

To see and purchase his paintings visit:

Dawnmist pipes depicting Nelson at Trafalgar made for a special Royal Navy banquet on the famous ship HMS Victory at Portsmouth, England 2009.

Paul with one of my clay pipes at Northumberland Beamish Museum

"The clay pipe is pretty small in the shot but it got Maxine into the role" said Hayley, who is a professional photojournalist and artist.
In this image Maxine who is a well known model and actress
used one of the smaller pipes I made as a prop to help her while posing for the photographs which were later edited,

Sir Walter Raleigh. A one-off pipe by Heather Coleman

Chris in the USA reenacting Sir Walter Raleigh with a Dawnmist Tudor Style Pipe

Alan in England with a custom Dawnmist Tudor style pipe while wearing Sir Walter's smoking cap.
The smoking cap has not been verified as belonging to Sir Walter himself but does look very
old, and made of seeds stitched together. It reminded me of a middle-eastern cap worn by either
sailors or those for praying. Smoking caps I read were not something used in Tudor times but much
later on in the later 18th and 19th century.

Paul in USA enjoying one of my traditional Irish cutty pipes

Actor using a Dawnmist Westminster pipe.
As seen on the documentary O Fôn i Virginia: Goronwy Owen. A Teleg production for S4C.
Photograph by kind permission of S4C
In this scene they had the pipe smoking at one point for the filming using smouldering charcoal in the bowl as the actor was not a smoker.

During 2014 I also made several custom and moulded pipes for the well known musician Elijah Blue in Beverley Hills
for his favorite themes in his Tudor style home there. The picture here shows one of my trade-pipe designs which appealed.
Elijah is one of the son's of the very famous actress/singer Cher and Blue's legend Gregg Allman.

Pop Star Michael Jackson. About 15 pipes in all were produced and sold as Limited Editions for fans during 2012-2013.
I do not consider myself a fan of Michael, however, growing up in the period in which he came to fame was quite something to witness.
His sudden death and the amazing funeral with a gold coffin left an impression in my mind - its not every day you witness the service
dedicated to such talent. This is what inspired me to choose him for the theme on this pipe design. In the 19th and early 20th Century
clay pipe making firms often produced pipes of famous people of the time.

Phil Jupitus the famous English Comedian.
A One-Off piece commissioned by a personal friend and posted directly to his stage dressing room.
I was asked to include a note with it saying "Get a Pipe!" as this was apparently an "in" phrase
being used on his show at that time.

Portrait clay pipe by Heather Coleman as posted to Sir Terry himself in 2011
The late Sir Terry was the Author and Creator of Discworld, the very famous fantasy novels now also being made into movies
About 20 pipes were sold as Limited Editions for followers of this great writer.

HRH Prince Charles. A One-Off pipe modelled by Heather Coleman which remains in her private collection
This one took about 20 hours to create carefully modelling the clay while observing the Prince from several photographs.

President Obama. A Portrait pipe by Heather Coleman as sent to the US President at The White House in 2009
I was inspired to make this pipe while watching the winning election. In the past US Presidents have already been portrayed
as clay pipes so I was carrying on the tradition here. The pipe I chose to send to him took about a month to reach The White House.
I have no idea if he actually got to see it as many gifts are posted I read - some specially chosen pieces are put on show.
The President is actually not allowed to keep anything he is sent as a gift although in the past one President did purchase something.
I read not so long ago that the his wife has talked him out of smoking - he was apparently fond of Cuban Cigars.

Barry in the USA lighting up one of the Limited Edition pipes on news of the President being elected for another term.

Queen Nefertiti. Pipe by Heather Coleman. A special large show pipe with real gold lustre features.
The first piece was made for Susie White who is a clay pipe archaeologist and well as specializing in Egypt as well.

In June 2014 I was asked to supply clay pipes for the remake of the very famous Poldark TV series
that was produced back in the 1970's - a story about life and love set in Cornwall in the 1790's.
Being a big Poldark fan myself I was most thrilled. The original series
starred actor Robin Ellis who played Captain Ross Poldark - a soldier and mining Captain. It was in the
first series back then that I first saw actors using clay pipes so the memory stuck in my mind.
The picture shown here is of Ross Poldark from the original TV series and is not one of my own pipes, however,
I also include a picture of a clay pipe I made for Robin Ellis which I posted to him at his home in Southern France
where he now lives and he wrote to thank me for it. I made the pipe in honour of him being the original Ross Poldark!