Quirky Clanger Humour...

A spot of water-skiing perhaps and to "boldly go where no Clanger has gone before"

Thanks to the Rosetta Mission which arrived at Comet 67P in 2014 we are now able to say there is life on the comet!

While in London on their World Tour our Clanger friends visited the 2007 Tutankhamun Exhibition to see the treasures of King Tut for themselves and were very thrilled. Tiny Clanger correctly pointed out that the mask at this exhibition, although very awesome, was not the original one from the tomb that had come to London in the 1970's because that one was too delicate to travel on this occasion.

Clangers Discover the Cornish Pasty!

While touring the South West of England the Clangers happened to come across an ancient tradition of the area... that is... the Pasty.
According to legend and historical records the meal of ancient miners was wrapped in a dollop of pastry and cooked. It was then carefully carried down the mine and eaten using the crust as a handle so that the miners would not be poisoned by arsenic or what ever else might be down in the depths of the earth. A piece of the crust was left as an offering to please the little people who watched over them.

Small Clanger found a very large and fine complete example of a Cornish Pasty sitting in a box (amazingly it had not been eaten!) and told Mother Clanger.

Mother clanger said what ever this creation of earth was it smells really good and they should tell the other clangers back home about it!

Before long the earth was suddenly invaded by dozens of clangers who had all come to see for themselves how good a traditional Cornish pasty is and to do some research into the subject... a sort of reverse anthropology if you like! However, Major Clanger says that the pasty is not an earth people invention because in ancient Clanger cave art pasties were recorded as having showered upon their planet long before humans were running around in the Garden of Eden with leaves covering their private parts.

Anyone wishing to research this topic further is advised to ask the Soup Dragon as to the whereabouts of this stash of ancient pasties and if they still actually exist or if they were added to the soup and eaten during ancient Clanger festivities of the time.

May 2014 Clangers have now been spotted flying on kites around Devon - what ever next?!