Dawnmist Chemicals for Wine Making

We have combined our long-standing expertise in many areas of chemistry with our spare-time interest in Home Wine Making to offer some extremely useful preparations for the benefit of both Home and Commercial wine makers and brewers: formulations that we developed for our own use in response to a need that wasn't met by products already on the market, and which we now offer as commercial products.

WineWax Original and WineWax Ultra

The first two products, WineWax Original and WineWax Ultra are easy-to-use wax formulations for sealing over corks in wine or beer bottles. Using wax, rather than the plastic "shrink caps" or metal foils often used over corks by amateurs and professionals alike, has many advantages: principally, optimal protection against degradation of the wine, combined with a pleasing and traditional appearance at a low cost. WineWax is available in an exciting range of colours and is very easy to use.

WineWax Ultra is a new higher-performance WineWax with many advantages, combining 'wax-like' and 'plastic-like' properties to give the best benefits of both wax and hotmelt-plastic bottle seals while avoiding the disadvantages of either. WineWax Ultra is a truly revolutionary bottle-sealing material, a product of two years' research by Dawnmist's chemists. It is strong and resilient and yet very easy to remove when opening a bottle, and breaks away very cleanly without crumbling.

To learn more about the benefits of sealing wine corks with Dawnmist WineWax, please Click Here.


The second product, ZapItClean, is a remarkably effective Glass Cleaner, which we developed to facilitate the easy re-use of used wine bottles, as well as removing stubborn dirt from any glassware (such as sediment deposits from Demijohns), usually without needing any scrubbing. It is also effective as a powerful cleanser for soiled laboratory glassware or indeed any situation where really stubborn dirt or stains need to be removed from glass. It can also be used on many plastics. A further advantage of ZapItClean when re-using wine bottles is that it effectively removes paper labels and almost every type of adhesive used to attach them to glass, leaving used bottles spotless with very little effort.

NEW PRODUCT: ZapItClean will be available to buy very shortly -- as soon as we have finished preparing the instructions and web page for it... so please WATCH THIS SPACE for updates, or email us to register your interest and we'll notify you as soon as the full info on ZapItClean goes live on this site!

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