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Dawnmist Studio's new Fine Chemicals Division was created to extend the chemical portfolio of the Company from its established and very successful origins in Ceramic Chemistry (see Pottery/Ceramic Materials section of site) into more general chemical applications.

Despite being a small company, we have considerable skill and experience in chemistry, backed up by computerised analysis, modelling and reaction simulation software. In recent years we have developed our own proprietary Printed Circuit Board (PCB) processing chemistry, and this is used in the manufacture of Dawnmist's electronic products -- with a proven track record.

We offer several ranges of chemicals (aside from our established range of ceramic materials), and these are listed below. In addition to those already available, we will soon be adding Process Chemicals for Electronics; these are exactly the same preparations that we have been using in-house for some years in all our electronic products, made available to customers in the electronics industry as well as electronics hobbyists who require efficient, reliable, safe yet economical process chemistry. These will be added to this web site shortly, along with all the necessary documentation, which is now under preparation.

Our Fine Chemicals are a range of high-purity but competitively-priced reagents for laboratory, precision industrial, technology and creative arts applications. We launch this range starting with Tin (II) Chloride (SnCl2), an essential reagent in tin-plating applications especially, but also used extensively in glass and ceramic art. We plan to gradually add new compounds to the Fine Chemicals range, particularly in areas where our specialist expertise permits us to 'push the envelope' beyond market norms, either in terms of product quality or economy.

We have also introduced two ranges of "domestic" chemicals, for Wine Making and Pet Care respectively. Click the links below to learn more about these.

Fine Chemicals for Laboratory, Industry, Creative and Hobbyist

Our Current Range: Click on a Substance Name

DFC-4010: Tin (II) Chloride, Anhydrous--SnCl2
DFC-4011: Tin (II) Chloride, Hemihydrate--SnCl2.½H2O
DFC-4012: Tin (II) Chloride, Dihydrate--SnCl2.2H2O

Chemicals for Home and Commercial Wine Making

Our Current Range: Click on a Substance Name

DFC-49xx: WineWax Original--For sealing wine bottle corks
DFC-50xx: WineWax Ultra--Improved performance WineWax

COMING SOON... please contact us for details...

DFC-4921/2: ZapItClean--a powerful glassware cleaner

Chemicals for Pet Care

COMING SOON... please contact us for details...

DFC-4800: Litta-Blitz--neutralises cat litter odour

Process Chemicals for Electronics

COMING SOON... please contact us for details...

DMS-312: PCB Tinning Solution
DMS-313: Alkaline Photoresist Stripper
DMS-314: Pre-Tinning PCB Conditioner

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