Dawnmist Studio Drawings and Cartoons by Heather

A Christmas Card and shows cats having a party. In this one you need to count the cats.

A very simple cartoon of a cat wanting favorite food.

A scene with Nali working on the PC drawn in the 1990's.

A fantasy cartoon of when an ancient shrew people ruled Atlantis! The entrance to the great City is marked by a giant Liberty Shrew statue wearing a Santa hat and holding an icecream.
You can read more about the shrew people on Heather's quirky story page.

A ghosty looking drawing added to a real photograph.

This is the logo we use on our wine making page. I incorporated an earlier imagine of one of the cats enjoying a bottle of wine and then added the cartoons of us with wine glasses to it.

A sleepy cute cat was drawn with a red rose for this design for a valentines card

A seasonal card about too much Christmas food and a large cat needing many balloons to fly!

Cats once again the theme of a Christmas card and here your local neighbourhood cats are calling on your door singing plenty of meows and expecting you to hand over your dinner and treats and to make sure cats are looked after well this winter!

A self portrait cartoon holding a carrot on my nose... puzzled? Read more on my quirky story page.

When the space probe Beagle2 crash-landed on Mars I made up this funny cartoon of The Clangers playing football with it.

My cartoons sometimes appear on the bases of vases I make as a surprise. This one shows the artist making the vase and is coated with gold lustre glaze fired on.

A larger than life mermaid painting I did on the bottom of a private swimming pool several years ago.

A cartoon I created to celebrate a bonfire party.

The original partly completed pencil portrait of Maeve the fat cat. This was later scanned and used to create other theme Yule cards.

Variations of the Maeve cat theme used for Seasonal cards.

A drawing created from a photograph I took of a famous Devonshire home, Hayes Barton. The image was traced in ink to get the proportions right then scanned and then coloured on the PC using sepia filters.

Another cartoon for advertising depicting a cat using one of our products to freshen the litter tray.

A young couple were chosen for this advertising cartoon. The original drawing was scanned then outlined on the PC after which the colours were added using layers.

A 2017 cartoon I did for Natalie about wild camping the olde way.

One of my cartoons concerning intelligent rabbits in the Crediton Triangle which is explained on this website on another page.

A car bumper sticker I designed.

Part of a detailed Yule card about pirate cats raiding festive food.

Another cartoon from a story for The Crediton Triangle

Mad Scientist

Cats on Synthesizers in Space

My own business card

Designs I did for some home made wines