Berry Pomeroy Castle - More Pictures

It is said that the ruins of this very old castle are among the most haunted in England...
Here are some more pictures of the castle. The rest I'll leave to your imagination!

The castle entrance gates, also said to be very haunted.

Looking from Margaret's Tower along the rampart walk to the gatehouse chapel.

The chapel above the gatehouse entrance.

In the summer of 2004 I was asked to give Luca a guided tour around the castle. Luca is one of many direct decendants of the Pomeroy family who built it. Needless to say he was impressed and he was pleased to be able to leave his peace there.

There are hundreds of people all over the world who are believed to relate to the family and if you do a search on the www you should find several groups that you can join. Some even have dna testing and others claim that they have prooved their ancestors back through the Norman conquest of England going back to Roman times.

The Seymour mansion kitchen and bakery with lodgings for family/guest above.

Looking straight up the chimney of the Pomeroy mansion kitchen.

The North face of Margaret's Tower.

The dungeon of Margaret's Tower.

Friends listen to ghostly tales in Margaret's Tower.

A Window.

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