I am pleased to be able to offer three of my 1980-1990'S albums which are all crammed with pieces of music I have composed over the years. Also my single Princess Kyphi is available. Other recent music has been uploaded to Youtube for your enjoyment and I am working on more tracks.

I have always felt drawn to creating music and in my 20's I found I enjoyed dabbling with the Piano and a bunch of synthesizers. Being able to shape the actual sounds is I think what sets apart music of this electronic kind and when my three first albums were first created back in the 80's-90's the technology was only just beginning to reach through and so many of them were recorded onto 4-track tapes and later digitally transferred so that they can be available to you on CD.

Thankfully technology has moved on since the 1990's and I have upgraded my studio in recent years with a few more synthesizers and software too. I record digitally now and have an endless supply of modern sounds as well as sound effects.

I hope you will enjoy listening to the short selection of full songs and sample clips below and will like my sound enough to buy some. Thank you.