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I have always felt drawn to creating music and in my 20's I found I enjoyed dabbling with the Piano and a bunch of synthesizers. Being able to shape the actual sounds is I think what sets apart music of this electronic kind and when my three first albums were first created back in the 80's-90's the technology was only just beginning to reach through and so many of them were recorded onto 4-track tapes and later digitally transferred so that they can be available to you on CD.

Thankfully technology has moved on since the 1990's and I have upgraded my studio in recent years with a few more synthesizers and software too. I record digitally now and have an endless supply of modern sounds as well as sound effects.

My Music on Youtube for your Enjoyment!

Princess Kyphi - 2015

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Dartmoor - Song to the Ancestors - 2016

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Standing Stones - Remixed 2016

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Elsie's Journey - 2017

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Serenity - 2017

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Huccaby Waters - 2018

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She Will be there Forever - 2019

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Open the Door - 2019

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Power of Water - 2019

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Aten - Into the Sun - 2019

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Saltwater Breeze - 2019

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Realm of Tors - 2021

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More about Me, the Synthesizers and the Composing of my Music

About my Three earlier Albums...

My full albums The Calling of Dawn and Life Beneath the Blue Sky are arranged with selected pieces that compliment eachother and flow throughout with the exception of the last track which is a sample from the other album. More detailed descriptions are placed with the content listing below. These are all instrumental pieces composed on synthesizers with strings, flutes and natural effects such as waves, and wildlife. There are faster up-tempo type compositions with drums, sampled vocal effects and brass.

My older album of the three called Three Wishes was done back in the 1980's using a Korg Poly 800 synthesizer and drum machine. The songs have a simple structure of repetitive sequences with melodies played over the top. I also introduced the Yamaha DX7 and Roland W30 synthesizers to some tracks.

All cover artwork and tracks produced and engineered by Heather Coleman -- Copyright © 1999 Dawnmist Studio, Copyright © 2003 Dawnmist Studio
Public performance, broadcasting, copying or hiring of these recordings may only be carried out with the permission of Heather Coleman.
Recorded on Roland, Yamaha and Korg Synthesisers, Yamaha and Roland rhythm programmers, Yamaha and Fostex effects units, Yamaha recording studio and Sequencer, Heather's Fluffy Mixer. Vocal and natural sound effects digitally sampled - with thanks to various friends. Fluffy Frequency Frobnicator, Dawnmist Microsorex Synth, Dawnmist Microsorex Digital Recording Studio,

The Calling of Dawn

1988-1999 Full length music album with approximately 50 minutes of listening
  1. Lift up Your Eyes
  2. The Call of She
  3. Dawn Mists
  4. Quiet Times
  5. A Time and A Place
  6. The Sunset and I
  7. Today
  8. Rise Again
  9. Waiting for the Dawn
  10. I wish it was Spring Again
  11. White Horse Hill
  12. When You Are Gone
  13. Standing Stones
  14. Tomorrow

The Calling of Dawn ponders on emotions in an atmospheric meditation using synthesisers and sampled natural sound effects. A companion album Life Beneath the Blue Sky is also available with more up-tempo compositions.

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Life Beneath the Blue Sky

1988-1999 Full length music album with approximately 50 minutes of listening
  1. Life Behind the Mask
  2. What are you Searching For?
  3. Set the Captives Free
  4. New Hour
  5. Lead the Way
  6. Conflict and Victory
  7. The Summer Night Dream
  8. Spirits of the Wild
  9. Veil Between the Worlds
  10. House by the Sea
  11. Goodbye
  12. Love You, Me

This CD is a companion album following on from The Calling of Dawn. It includes a selection of more up-tempo tracks with a continued theme of atmosphere and drama created using synthesisers and sampled natural sound effects.

CLICK HERE to hear Life Behind the Mask

CLICK HERE to hear What are you Searching For?

CLICK HERE to hear Set the Captives Free

CLICK HERE to hear New Hour

CLICK HERE to hear Lead the Way

CLICK HERE to hear Conflict and Victory

CLICK HERE to hear The Summer Night Dream

CLICK HERE to hear Spirits of the Wild

CLICK HERE to hear Veil Between the Worlds

CLICK HERE to hear House by the Sea

CLICK HERE to hear Goodbye

CLICK HERE to hear Love You, Me

Three Wishes

1985-1989 Full length music album with approximately 45 minutes of listening
  1. Like the Wind (To Wander)
  2. Many Years from Now
  3. Dawn
  4. Hand in the Hand
  5. True Love
  6. Dragon-Flies
  7. Flames of Confidence
  8. Calling Out
  9. All We Know
  10. Dance of the Forest Deer
  11. On the Gold Trail
  12. Within
  13. Three Wishes

This CD was put together following the success of my other two albums, "The Calling of Dawn" and "Life Beneath the Blue Sky". These have been enjoyed by many listeners since their release in 1999. In 2003 I was able to sort through more concepts that I had created between 1985 and 1989. This resulting album "Three Wishes" includes a number of the better pieces that I thought would be enjoyed and were mainly composed free-style on a Korg Poly 800 synthesizer with simple drum patterns.

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